It's time for you to starting using your wonderful creativity to its full potential! It's good for more than just writing cute little notes inside birthday cards, you know. Go get some inspiration outside -- or, if the weather won't make a long walk possible, then at least spend some time looking out the window at the wonders of nature. Then, think about what interests you and intrigues you. Before the end of the day, you will have a new project on your mind.

The drama in a coworker's private life is leaking into your relationship with them -- and it's going to start complicating things today, especially if this coworker has power over you. This could be a tricky situation to maneuver around, but you can do it. You've got the charm, you've got the tact, and you've got the good reputation required to get your stuff done without having to get them involved. Let them do their own thing. Decide not to count on them.

Your monthly horoscope points at a slow period ahead. You might remain irate as the month starts. Some confusion might prevail and your horoscope suggests that you work patiently. Take well-calculated decisions. Avoid a lazy or lethargic approach and strictly stay away from overconfidence. Don’t trust people blindly and check your facts before you act. Avoid spending or lending money to impress others. You will indulge in religious work this month. If interested in politics, you will observe a delightful period at the beginning of the month, and despite minor hurdles, this month will bring considerable progress for you. After mid-month, problems are likely due to a govt. related work. You can now expect relief in a land related dispute. A purchase of land or a vehicle is quite possible. Trips to foreign lands might face delays due to lack of paperwork. Professionally, the month looks favorable. Start of a new work will bring good results; however, avoid haste or acting under any confusion. Work related travels will take you abroad frequently. A new offer from a foreign company is likely now, and if completed successfully, it can catapult your business prospects. Avoid stepping into a new partnership now. If working in partnership, remain diplomatic and careful towards your work. If in a job, this month brings signs of improvement for you. Keep up your hard work if you want the desired salary. Chances of a promotion look good. After mid-month, appreciation from boss and seniors is possible for a new project. You may think of joining an old company, though the idea is not a wise one and would not be profitable. Your finances seem to face an unstable period in this month. A govt. related work or project will profit you financially. After first half of the month, some delays are possible due to a govt. related issue. The time is favorable if seeking a loan. You will need a diplomatic approach to get your lent money back. If involved in an ongoing lawsuit, you may have to spend on it to see favorable results. Investments made this month will fetch good gains. For love and marriage, the monthly forecast depicts a splendid term. If you have proposed to your loved one, then a positive response is likely, though you may have to wait patiently. You may spend quality time with your lover now, which will lower their complaints against you. If married, take care of your partner. Work related stress might trouble your partner and you should try to console them. This will ease out their pressure and boost harmony in your relation. Atmosphere on your family front looks disturbed. Your bonding with family members may suffer due to your harsh tone. Speak softly and be patient. Father will support you now. Your mother’s health will significantly improve this month. Around mid of this month, a trip with friends is quite likely. Your health seems to improve this month. A prevailing stomach or chest related issue might see improvements. Stress will gradually disappear. Students, the month demands strategic time management. Don’t waste your time on worthless matters, or you will have to face stringent repercussions. Stay away from lethargy. Spend limited time with friends. Prepare your notes well within time and revise your work. If you have just started studying at a college away from home, then things will proceed smoothly for you. Laziness and wastage of time might force you to act strict with them. Try to deal with them diplomatically.

This year promises the same type of energized, constantly shifting and powerful tone as the last year. There is change literal and obvious hovering constantly outside your door. But there are dreams there as well visions and wishes sometimes nebulous and sometimes ultra-clear. In a sense you cannot control ‘what’ happens outside in your life but you can maintain your integrity to a conviction or a endeavor and you can show others how to walk true to self through any kind of cosmic weather. The planets are favorable on your part to make you earn name and fame in the long run. A good time to forge good relations with those around. Relationships, particularly new ones need to be handled with caution. It is high time to go in for rapprochement when the situation warrants the same. The year would bring situations where you get to understand your emotional self in a better light. Be sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others too this year. Your major areas of interest in the coming year are the body, the image, personal appearance, finance, health and work, personal transformation, sex, death and rebirth, life after death and the deeper things of life and religion, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel, friendships, group activities and organizations. Professional life will give favorable results. Seniors will be happy with your performance. This is the proper time to claim your promotion, if due. Colleagues will also be helpful. Rivals will be defeated. You may get higher status which will be helpful in improving financial position. Last two months of the year may cause some problems in professional life.   Having cool and patience approach at workplace will give more positive results. Challenging situations may come it is up to you harness your internal energy to work on these challenges. Relationship with customers would be the key to survival in this year. Retaining your position at the work place would seem like a Herculean task this year as you would be antagonized around the second half of the year. You will face office politics against you. You will have to go away from your workplace due to your work. Foreign travel and losses in those travels are also indicated. So be careful in this period. Tact and diplomacy would work wonders for now in the field of career. Aquarius guys have a lucky year ahead as far as their financial and material standing is concerned. There would be a sense of stability and positivity on your financial arena for the period. Throughout the year, your finances would be quite satisfactory marked with occasional bouts of luck and fortune coming your way. More and more inflow of funds forecast for the year, however there would be unwanted expenditure on the cards as well. Stay away from impulsive purchases and let go off of some of your passions and pleasures if you need to have a strong financial standing for the year. The year-end would bless you with good financial inflow readying you for a financial make-over for the year after. You need to control heavy expenses on pomp and show. You may also like to invest in immovable properties which will prove to be profitable. Those of you looking to pay off debt, refinance existing debt or who are searching for outside capital have wonderful aspects most of the year. This is a year to be achieving these kinds of goals. Those of you involved in tax issues, insurance claims or estates will also hear good news now. Aquarius people would be able to improve the quality of their love life more than the previous years. A year when you would be brought closer to your partner or spouse. However this would call for rapprochements and compromises on your part in the larger interest of your relationships. Do make sure that your standing and position are unscathed by the moves for now. The single ones would be able to make some potential encounters this year. Those already into a relationship would find the time ripe enough to have a free communication with their partners. Married life relations will remain cordial during first half of the year but suddenly some misunderstanding may develop in the relationship. You need to control your aggressive attitude to make the married life run smoothly. However, you will be able to manage the situation. You need to take care during the last months of year. However, opinion of spouse in the matters related to finance or purchase of property may prove to be helpful and favorable. Health will remain sound most of the time. Restlessness may cause insomnia after first half of the month.  However diet and exercising needs to be consistent to avoid troubles later on through the year. Avoid high fat foods as your digestive system likely to be on the bad side this period. Give your body and mind good exercises and tone them up. Stay away from sedentary lifestyle as this would have serious consequences on your general health this year. Take a sport, go on an adventure trip, give mental exercises for your mind, in this way you would see a better yourself at the year-end, Aquarius. Let not stress and strain control your impulses for the period ahead. This is definitely going to be a great year for you. You will have lot of enjoyments and family life will be full of peace. Misunderstandings will start diminishing and positive atmosphere at home will make you happy most of the time during the year. Help of friend circle and relatives will be available at the time of need. Effect of obstacles, failures and losses suffered in the past will start getting reduced. Religious journeys with family are also seen this year. Some auspicious ceremony may take place at home. You interest in religious activities will increase. Respect in social circle will make you feel cheerful.