You can give your social life the biggest boost by being more adventurous. Connect with someone you normally would not socialize with. Ask your boss to join you for lunch, or find out if your neighbour wants to join you for a cup of coffee. Getting more familiar with unfamiliar people is a great way to stay in tune with what is going on around you. Plus, it's a great way to lay the groundwork for a bigger and smarter social network. And that's good for your career!

Your social life is going to start getting a lot hotter a lot sooner than you had anticipated, so get ready! Dedicate some of your time today to getting a few boring errands out of the way. If you have been putting off cleaning the house, today is the day to get it out of the way. Soon enough, you will not have a moment to spare for such household tasks. If you get chores out of the way quickly, you will be all the more relaxed and able to enjoy the good stuff that's coming

Your monthly horoscope shows a comfortable period ahead. You would indulge in religious activities this month. Elders would largely support you in your decisions during tough times. As the month starts, a prize or a new accomplishment would make you proud. If in business, variable income might cause stress. Chances of reworking on an old pending work are there. Avoid taking a foreign-related work, as it would only add to your confusion. Stay humble and talk softly if you wish to maintain your reputation and relations. After mid-month, problems due to a govt. the related matter might trouble you. Frequent work-related travels might stress you out. Tension can make you indecisiveness post-mid-month. Inheritance property would bring you financial gains this month. A month seems slow for your professional growth. Avoid taking any work-related major decisions. If working in partnership, consult your business partner at every step, as their advice could benefit you financially. If running a business, an old employee might wish to rejoin you. Bringing him or her back on your team would be a profitable decision. After the first half of this month, work-related stress might keep you disturbed. If in a job, keep your ego aside while working. If trying for competitive exams, chances look good for grabbing a high post this month. Your horoscope also shows a good possibility of a favorable job change this month. However, avoid making a job-related decision post-mid-month. Maintain pleasant relations with coworkers as well as your seniors and boss. Proceed diplomatically to boost your chances of a promotion or raise in salary. Your finances look disturbed. Spend wisely and control your expenses. A govt. work would fetch you financial profits this month. Good returns are possible from a work project, though the gains might take some time to reach you. Your parents might not be able to help you financially this month. Strictly stay away from clashes or arguments this month, as it might lead to a financial loss. You would get the needed financial support from the govt. Loan-related matters don’t look good near the second half of the month. If awaiting returns from an old investment, keep low expectations. Your love life looks happy throughout the month. If in a relationship, too much interference from your partner might irritate you, though you should understand that this is their way of showing care. Avoid making an issue out of it and enjoy the attention that you are getting. Surprises and support from your partner would keep you motivated and confident. If you are single, an old lover might return in your life during this month but make sure not to enter a love triangle. If planning to propose a loved one, then avoid doing so in this month. Wait for a better time in the near future. Your domestic life during the month seems difficult. Tussles with family members are possible & you should remain patient while dealing with them. Parents would be supportive. Family gatherings and outings would bring improvements. Stay alert against people who act like your friends and might try to take advantage. Healthwise, problems due to fever or an old ailment are possible. Be careful against headaches or bone-related pains. To avoid stress, practice meditation, and think less. Your father’s health might need your attention. Your marriage life looks peaceful. Bonding and understanding with your partner seem good. The rise in domestic responsibilities is likely. After mid-month, increasing work pressure might not leave you with much time for family. Maintain a work-home balance to avoid family issues. Students, stay away from any confusion this month. Think positive and work single-mindedly towards your goals. Manage your time wisely and avoid spending it too much with friends. Hard work would fetch you the desired results. If seeking a student loan, you would get it. Success in competitions is likely and you may get admission in a college of your choice. A monthly horoscope shows a cordial relationship with your children. Family trips would bring happiness and peace in your family. Their outlook towards studies looks mostly positive. Take care of their health. Expenses on children are likely to rise. If planning to send your children abroad this month, you may not get the desired results.

You’ll find this coming year is far more active and goal oriented. Put to use all the dedication and discipline you practiced during the last couple of years and get ready to make this an amazing power year, especially in terms of what your energy and convictions bring into your life. Watch for temper and frustration as others may have a very hard time keeping up with you. Remember you’re here to lead into new horizons. You would be able to finalize certain important decisions in life. Things that are no longer relevant can be pruned out. You become more mature and a lot refined this year. Through the course of the year, some sacrifices are expected on your side in terms of your personal life. Seize opportunities as they come your way. Change and more change are in store for you people in this period. You’re most important interests in the coming year are home, family and domestic interests, emotional issues, friendships, group activities, spirituality, religion, higher education and travel, health and work. Career wise this will be a good year to some extent. The thing is that planets are placed beneficially for you. Those looking for onsite opportunity will surely get this year. Do not make any major career change decisions otherwise you will really regret it later. There will be non existing obstacles in your career this year i.e. you will think more about something and enlarge it in your mind and it will harm you later on. This is the major issue you are going to face this year in your career. This is a year for setting up the foundations for future success. It is a year for career planning rather than career achievement. Dealing with emotional and family issues will take (and should take) priority over your career. Many of you will be able pursue a career from the home, the ideal situation this year or perhaps you might make your working environment, your office and work style, more home-like. New avenues of growth are likely in your career sector this year. Communication and survival are the keys. Those involved in professions related to the fields of arts, manufacturing and sales would get a good boost this period. The relationship with authorities and peers in your workplace would be more cordial and genuine. Expect promotions and pay hikes for the year-end. This year your finances are where you want them to be and you have no need to focus overly on this area. The Cosmos gives you leeway to shape this area, as you will. Beginning months of the year cannot be considered favorable for financial matters. You may plan to borrow some loan due to unstable financial position. You may also remain restless on account of heavy and unnecessary expenditures.  In spite of this position, you will manage to control you financial problem gradually by virtue of hard work. This is the point in your life where the most dependability, determination and structure are called for. Speculation or investing in stocks is not advised during this period. At the end of the year, your debts and negative finances would have gone off for the better. Find different ways to garner finances so as to reach a stable financial situation. You would be able to steer clear through their financial path undeterred. This is shaping up to be a banner love and social year. Both romance and friendships are blooming. Your current relationship or your current love life in general, is getting re-evaluated. Some relationships will survive, some will not. Those who are not in a relationship will be reviewing their needs and desires in love. Getting clear about what they really want. There would be a better understanding of your partner or spouse. For some of you it would be the end of the road to a long unhappy relationship while for others it would be a sweet beginning. If you are already into a relationship, now through the year, the sentiments and passion attached to your partner would increase. You would be able to control your emotions and keep it under check. However do not be carried away by false promises. Relationships would be quite intense, but then be responsible and take decisions based on your conscience. Some of the past pains and bad-emotions disappear and you would be set free. Married life will be largely good. You will have good understanding and communication. You’re in- laws health may be a critical issue this year and you may hear some bad news related to the same. You may suffer from low potency after first half of the year. The general health and well-being would be excellent all through the year. There would be quite a boost to your energy levels if you venture out on adventure and nature treks. Listen to your inner soul and rejuvenate your soul and body periodically. Some restraint needs to be practiced when it comes to indulgences in food and exercising habits. Do not be too excessive. Meditation and other forms of mild work-outs can be taken up to relieve stress and strain from life. You need to control your temperament which may result in restlessness and insomnia. Impatience may also cause problems related to digestive system. Those having cardiac problem already should be very careful and should keep life saving drugs with them all the time. Much of the advice applies now. Focus on priorities and essentials. Fewer activities but more important ones will lead you to your heart’s desire and not tire you out. Listen to your body. Rest when you’re tired. Try to alternate activities rather than do one thing for hours on end. Work mentally for a few hours and then switch to physical activities and then to the emotional level. This alternation allows the different centers to recharge. Family life and family relationships are undergoing a ‘reality check’. Perhaps your attitudes were too permissive either because of false assumptions about the family or home life or because of other false beliefs. Now you will have to impose some order and discipline here and this can be unpleasant. You have to make tough choices. You may have to use ‘corporate thinking’ or corporate methods in family life such as budgets, expenses, assigning roles and tasks to family members. This would be a period when auspicious events might take place for some of the natives. Hence the year would be packed with lots of shopping, travel and what not with family.