You're in a very introspective mood right now, so take some time to evaluate your dreams. The strange images that have been invading your mind at night hold valuable clues as to what you're dealing with in your heart. Analyze them long enough, and you'll start to see some clear patterns emerge. Whether you take your dreams as messages from your subconscious or not, there is no denying that the visions your mind creates while you're sleeping are rooted in some part of your reality.

Your values are precious to you, but you also have to acknowledge that another person's values are just as important to them. It's usually not an issue unless you two clash -- and today you can expect a bit of a conflict to erupt. But whatever you do, you cannot force them to agree with you. If they are going to be in your life, you need to respect them for who they are and let them know that you aren't trying to fix them. Take them for who they are, or not at all.

The monthly horoscope brings indications of a rosy period. Any pending or halted work will be completed. Your expenses will focus on your enjoyment and luxuries. Health is likely to improve and you will be full of energy. A renovation or purchases for home decorations are quite likely. If planning to buy a luxury car, you may purchase it by mid-month. Avoid hasty actions. When in doubt, consult someone you trust. Any pending work will be finalized. Rely on hard work rather than destiny. Be careful when starting a new work. Maintain a balanced relation with your father and avoid any clashes with him. Keep away from any controversies this month. Foreign trips are on the cards, but avoid misunderstandings, as it may end up spoiling the trip as well as lead to losses. Finances and profession may face uncertainties. Avoid investing under someone’s influence, as chances are your money may be stuck. If interested in politics, then the desired results are likely and your name is expected to rise. Delays are likely; nonetheless, all work will be completed timely. Be patient with the new work you start and do not expect sudden profits and a huge income. Minor hiccups can stress you out now. Avoid working towards plans of expansion now. Quarrels with your workers can slow work down; be careful. If in a partnership, then some friction with your partner is possible now. Keep your aggression under control.

Cancer natives would see the year with a new level of optimism and positivity. There would be much luck and fortune coming for you. Your confidence level would increase and harmony prevails in your vicinity all through the year. Development and advancements now come for you. However your expectations would be met as the year moves on. There is tremendous learning coming in and a tremendous need to honor the divine soul that lives within you and seeks only to shelter and to give. Love is likely to be intertwined within important friendships and/or a lover could turn into a very close ally. Your most important interests in the year ahead are the body, image, personal appearance, communication and intellectual interests, home, family and emotional interests, health and work, the deeper things of life, personal transformation, sexuality, past lives, life after death, reincarnation, religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education. Foreign travel, religion and philosophy start to become very important this year and for many years to come. There is great religious upheaval in your life and mind. You are changing many of these concepts, breaking with tradition in many cases and striking out on your own in your religious life. This is an average period for those who are involved in business. Beginning of the year may not be considered favorable for business life. As the year advances, you may face difficulties in materializing your plans. You may not get the cooperation from the Government authorities. This period may be considered a challenging period for your business only to give bad results. Try to avoid any misunderstandings in the relations which may only worsen the situation. You will have the energy to steer ahead yourself of others and prove your point. The only thing to keep in mind will be not to overestimate your virtues and underestimate your vices. Job seekers should look close to home in the neighborhood this year. Neighbors and siblings can provide some good job leads or actually arrange for a job. Jobs in the health field look most promising in the year ahead. If you are asking for a relocation or change of position then this would be the apt time. Look at the finer picture when you are signing up things in your career area. Till the last quarter of the year, the time would be conducive for you to learn new skills or tasks related to your area of interest. New contacts would come into your fold and your social circle enlarges now. The first half of the year might bring in unwanted expenditure for you. Though this might cause a temporary annoyance, it would help you to spruce up your budget for the year. This part of the year would also bring in good inflow by way of real-estate deals and income through legacy. Friend circle will be generally helpful at the time of need. Indulging in speculation and stocks should generally be avoided. Your financial needs will also vary month to month. Do not throw yourself much to the financial whims and fancies of those around you; else you would land in troubled waters. The second half of the year seems to be problem free in your financial side. Avoid high-value purchases and try to make some small savings here and there. For lovers you may feel strong bonding in the relations and there is also possibility that your love life may turn into married life. The relationships you are already in would spice up your life. Follow your instincts and conscience when handling contentious matters in your love area. Speak and let speak your partner to bring about some transparency in your relationships. Impatience and fault-finding would not do you any good for now through the year as far as your love relationship is concerned. Keep a control over what you do as you might hurt the sentiments of your partner as the year moves on. Married life may get worst affected due to your attitude. You will not try to compromise and will be dominating your spouse.  The best thing to do is become silent and let time pass on its own. You don’t become the doer rather just watch things from the side.  Those working towards a second marriage have completely opposite tendencies. Their love lives seem very unstable. Anything can happen at any time. Romance strikes like a lightning flash but it can end suddenly too. Affections change suddenly and mysteriously both for you and your lover. I can see serial relationships for years to come. Marriage might not be advisable at this time. You’re playing the field and experimenting. You are also attracting lovers who feel the same way. Still, there’s a lot of fun and romantic excitement happening. The highs will be very high but the crashes can be ultra-low. This year would see you in good health and gives you umpteen opportunities to spruce up your physical and mental self. Rest and rejuvenate your spirits whenever you have some time to spare. Stay active and eat healthy. Beware of an emotional turmoil breaking down your nerves. Be positive and let a sense of optimism surround you. You are very much prone to accident and amputation so it depends upon you how best you can manage to remain off from it. Do strike a good balance between work and play. A proper diet would also pave way for a healthier tomorrow, stay away from any sort of indulgences this year, as they might bring about long term repercussion in life. Major changes are likely in your home front this year. You would be entering a new phase of your life. Several obstacles might come in way spoiling the harmony at home. Do settle grudges with family members and do not take them to your heart. Be firm when it comes to installing a new order at home. Stay firm and strong in your views and ideas. If you will be able to curb your thought processes then things are going to be just fine for you this year. There is the fortunate purchase or sale of a home and property in general brings good fortune. The new revelation of a spiritual principle, something you always knew but didn’t know how to apply, often solves family or emotional problems. Suddenly, as if by magic, it is all clear to you.