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Your annual astrology forecast promises a bright and eventful year to come. There will be challenges; you can be sure, especially where your own mind is concerned. Keep it together though and you will be well rewarded. The planets suggest advancements in your career and finances. If you manage to put energy into the right areas and be adaptive and responsive, you may find that you have the chance to get involved in a new business or investment opportunity, buy a new house or a new vehicle, and perhaps gain a promotion or recognition at the office! Yes, these truly are exciting times for you, and you can expect that for once your life can be a bit more about you. All of this may be accompanied by improvements in lifestyle, so you may find that you are spending more money, but overall you will also be earning more, which will balance this out. You will learn more about this soon. Travel is also largely on the cards, and you can expect at least a couple of short trips, and perhaps longer ones. If travel is part of your work then the planets are in your favor and will bring you prosperity in your international meetings or transactions. If you travel for pleasure then you can also buckle up for some rewarding experiences! You may travel a lot in the middle of the year, and this will give you a break from your worries. You may also want to take a trip that brings out the adventure seeker in you! Why not go for it? You will have to balance your finances and work-life with other aspects of your life in order to be truly successful this year. Be sure to put energy into love, and you will be rewarded with good relationships and the possibility to take things further with someone who you have been growing fond of early in the year. It seems like your work and business are your whole life. Things are likely to move at a faster pace than usual, at least at the beginning of the year. Luckily, since you are full of energy you should be able to handle all these new changes. Use this energy to work on your current projects. The periods might not be the time to challenge a superior, or else they may not take it very well. This is also a good time to invest. With your extra energy, you may also work more, and earn more money because of it. You may be taking in a lot of money, but don’t work so much that it leads to stress. Married and coupled up lovers will grow stronger in the year, despite having to overcome some obstacles and dramas. The first half of the year will be particularly challenging, with confusion and misunderstanding rife. Think of this as a sorting hat... you will find out whether your partner really means that much to you. You will also find a high level of support from other loved ones in your family, and in circles of friends during the year. You might be glad to hear this because you could feel at times like you have been neglecting them in light of business opportunities. They will be with you, and will understand! Your physical health is expected to be good for the majority of the year. What is important for you is to keep your mental health solid and stable, as it is this that is forecast to give you the most problems. Don't let periods of intense worry, emotional stress, and negative thinking can disrupt what is otherwise an excellent year for you!