You've been too agreeable lately -- and you run the risk of being branded a pushover! Today, it's time to stand up for what you think is right. Don't back off from being the lone voice of dissent in the room. If something isn't right to you, then it isn't right! You deserve the chance to say your piece and have your thoughts be given just as much respect as everyone else's. No one is taking the spotlight away from you -- you've been giving it away. Take some of it back today.

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This month shall be favorable for you and you shall have success in all your efforts. However, indecisiveness or incorrect decision making will be a common problem that you will face now. Thus, avoid taking any major decisions this month. If participating in a debate or competition, then avoid overconfidence & prepare well. You would acquire more knowledge and information in the subjects of your interest and use them very effectively. Your domestic life would give mental peace and shall be full of bliss. Your relationships with your siblings, cousins and neighbors shall be cordial. You may become popular among your friends circle. Wasteful expenses are likely to reduce & funds would be out to the correct use now. You may get a prestigious new vehicle for your own use, which would enhance your social status. You would enjoy all-round prosperity and the fun of being greeted by all. Frequent foreign trips are on the cards, which may take time but will eventually bear positive results. Watch over your father’s health post mid-July. You would receive favors from your superiors. You would be praised for your noteworthy deeds and shall gain honors on completion of your assigned works. There may be an opportunity to enter into a partnership with your friend; however, you should avoid stepping into a partnership or starting a new venture. If you are looking for a job change, uncertainties will prevail this month. Your courage and confidence shall clear major problems in profession successfully. This month you may solve all your financial issues. You may incur unnecessary expenditure during travel. Minimize borrowing money and avoid speculation. Your sources of earning may get squeezed whereas you may not be able to control the soaring expenses. Strictly avoid taking or giving any loan this month, even against any materialistic objects like jewelry, papers, etc. This month shall shower you with all sorts of material benefits and emotionally you would have a pleasant period with your partner. You shall remain in joyous mood and would enjoy the comforts of life. An outsider may try to create misunderstandings in your conjugal life & you should be careful not to doubt your partner because of this. Share everything with your partner to avoid such tensed situations in the future. Relation with your mother might remain stressed & some expenses may have to be made towards her. Father will support you & will possibly receive work related profits, which will support your condition too. Children related stress will prevail. Your health may suffer to some extent now at the hands of skin infections. Pay attention to early symptoms & have it treated as soon as possible. Emotional disturbances may increase your blood pressure. Body pains are foreseen due to heavy work. Take seasonal fruits to increase physical energy. Beware of fire or electric shocks. The month signifies a strenuous period for students. Results may not be as per your expectations or efforts. You will be more focused on the outside world than on your studies. You may receive good opportunities in the fields of sports & you should focus your energy systematically. You can further take part in competitions where your dreams will be fulfilled by performing well in front of your teachers.

This is a year where you will get time to do everything that you plan. In general, this year may seem like it is going by slowly, but this will make it easier for you to keep up with everything going on around you. Savor each day for what it is worth. Spend time with your friends and family even though you want to be focused at work. Take time to do the things that you love and you will be sure to have a good year. There is a truly wonderful balance going on in your life during the year, with your work, love, and social life getting their equal share of attention. You are going to make new friends, and seek new experiences, while still holding on to some aspects of your life that will always make you tick! In your career, you can find success through hard work. There will be opportunities for promotion or wage increases if you put your mind fully into certain tasks. You are also likely to be working harder at your job. You don’t want to get fired, and this might make you nervous around your boss at times. You will feel more creative at work and in your business this year. Don’t be afraid to share your great ideas! Who knows? You might even get a raise or bonus out of it. Love is in the air too, and both single and partnered up and married can advance their relationships in the year to come. Romance might not always be at the forefront of your mind, but will be part of this balance that will keep you happy. If you are already in a relationship, then it will continue to be rather steady during this year. Make sure that you accept your faults, as well as the natural faults of your partner. Accept that you have less energy than them and try to reach compromises to make things work. Love, sex, and pregnancy might not be a priority. But keep a lookout for them in case this helps your love life. The year will seem like a roller-coaster ride when it comes to your general health. It doesn’t have huge ups and downs, but there are enough little ones to make it noticeable. Your energy levels will fluctuate this year. At times, it will feel like you are full of energy. At other times, it will feel like you are drained. Because of this, you should exercise when you have the energy to do so or else you are likely to gain a lot of weight. Also, make sure that you are eating right all year as well to keep your body generally healthy. At times, you may seem restless, but you should always try to sleep enough to keep your body at its peak in performance. This is the year of favorable finances but your health might be a little delicate.