Your gut will tell you where you need to point your energies next. So be ready to move today -- if you suddenly get an urge to tidy up the house, then block out the rest of your day to do it. And if you suddenly get an urge to bake some cookies, head right out to the market and pick up whatever ingredients you need. It might not be convenient to act so spontaneously today, but it the more you can do it, the more you will feel a sense of power over your own life.

You are going to feel a lot of sympathy for someone today -- your compassionate side has been drawn out a lot lately, and you're seeing the problems people are having in a new light. There's something inside of you that wants to make deeper connections with people, and you understand that by helping someone get through a tough time, you can make those connections possible. Make sure not to just tell people what you think they want to hear. It's essential to be honest if you want to connect.

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