Controversies at your job or at school are waking you up to the fact that people you like can believe things that you definitely do not like! Understandably, this dissonance might cause you some stress or discomfort at first, but once you accept the fact that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, you will be fine. Your relationships can withstand some healthy debate, so don't hold back when it comes to disagreeing with them. Just don't get personal about it.

Today, when you see someone you don't like very much struggling with a task or embarrassed in a public forum, try not to gloat. Instead, decide to be compassionate. Put yourself in their shoes and do for them what you would like done for you. The Golden Rule has never been more applicable than it is today. People you don't like are still people, and they still deserve respect. The 'live and let live' philosophy rings true, and it can be liberating.

Your monthly horoscope shows mixed results. Confusions might lead to stress. However, sharing your problems with friends and trusted people would help you relax. Sudden expenses might disturb your monthly balance. Take calculated decisions and avoid hasty actions. Family members seem supportive this month. New career opportunities would come your way, though delays are possible. Your reputation is likely to enhance. Involvement in social work would improve your social circle. Be careful against an old competitor near mid-month. Traveling for short durations might be profitable. Spending on home decoration and luxurious items for your home is likely. Religious events and celebrations on your domestic front are indicated. Take well-calculated decisions around the end of the month The month looks good for your career prospects. Work projects or a business deal might take time to land in your pocket. Your work experience and knowledge would vastly improve this month. If running a business in partnership, work in coordination with your partner. Manage any issues diplomatically. Be careful against your rivals, as they might act against you and try to spoil your name. Avoid starting new work after the first half of the month. If in a job, things look good till mid-month. After that, some confusion might stress you. Avoid considering a job change, as the new job may not be suitable either. Maintain cooperative relations with coworkers. Boss seems satisfied with your work. Continue with your hard work and have faith in yourself. The chances of a promotion and a salary hike look good. New projects at work would allow you to display your talent. If trying to relocate within the same job, you would succeed this month. The month looks splendid for your finances. Old investments are likely to deliver good gains this month. You may invest profitably this month. If seeking a loan, you may do so before mid-month. Be very careful while lending money, as a financial loss is indicated. Your financial position seems largely stable throughout this month. Profits from the old income sources are possible. Expenses on traveling abroad are likely. Home decoration or repairs of a vehicle would require spending. Take care of your health; otherwise, expenses on medical treatment could disturb your monthly budget. You would spend on religious activities this month. Strictly stay away from clashes, as it would lead to a financial loss around the end of the month. Your love life seems disturbed. If dating someone, clashes with your lover are possible at the start of the month. Things would improve around mid-month. Spend more time with each other for improvements and plan a surprise. If you have recently proposed to someone, some confusion might lead to a negative reply. Yet be patient and give things some time. Marriage life looks disturbed, with chances of arguments due to ego clashes and anger outbursts. The good news would fill your family life with happiness. You may take religious or foreign trips with your partner this month. Your domestic life looks tough. Arguments with family members are likely. A pilgrimage with family would help sort things peacefully. If needed, stay away from your family for some time. Chances of clashes with your elder brother are present, & you should remain calm and patient. A celebration at home could improve the situation. Healthwise, infection or food poisoning is possible. To avoid stress, think less, and indulge in entertainment activities. Students, be on your toes this month. Work hard to get the desired results. Focus on your goals and plan accordingly. Admission to a college of your choice would need a single-minded approach. Results would come in your favor by the end of the month. Your children seem to enjoy a fruitful period. Results will match your expectations. Prizes and accomplishments in sports are likely. Your bonding with them seems to improve this month. They might be involved in clashes or arguments with others; be very careful.

You’re coming into a solid building period of your life, so for this year use the remaining influence to dig into what you really hope to accomplish in your life and pay attention to learning how to bring your deepest inner dreams into a solid and viable source outside yourself. Year would be a period of high energy -levels in almost all areas of life. There would be a complete revamp or renovation of you both, physically and mentally. New opportunities would come your way. Seize them with their horns and plunge in. Rewards are just round the corner. There would not be much trouble in getting favors in personal and professional life. This would be a time when your true nature would come to the fore. Beware of false promises and responsibilities this year. You’re most important areas of interest this year are finance, home and family, love affairs, fun, creativity, leisure activities, love and romance, travel, higher education, religion and philosophy and career. Now, many people might think that this is a lot to have on one’s plate but you thrive on many interests. This is exactly how you like things. Beginning of the year will show positive results for your professional life. There is possibility to get the promotion if the same is due.  There is also possibility to get higher position. Seniors and subordinates will be happy with you. Friend circle will also be helpful. But situation may turn unfavorable during the last months of the year and you need to be careful of the tactics of the opponents at your workplace. They may try to defame you. Personal freedom is perhaps the most important career factor now, perhaps even more important than money or prestige. There’s much foreign travel involved with your career in the year ahead. Many of you are opting for a freelance lifestyle. You work harder but you make your own hours and have more overall freedom. You can have a successful career without being tied down. Temperance need to be had when it comes to work. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Take some time off. Teamwork pays off now during this period for you guys. You’ll face a challenging, but potentially rewarding, financial period this year and focusing on building your outer security resources with strength and dedication assures that you make some major changes in this area of your life. Expenses may remain high in the second quarter of the year. This period is not favorable for financial position. You may also suffer from loss of money due to theft or on account of medical bills. Calm down and take stock of your budget for the period. As the year moves on, you work hard, put in more effort and there would be more inflow. Make some changes for your financial spending and steer away from unwanted expenditure for the period. Avoid loans and debts and try to live within your means. This would keep you away from bankruptcy in the coming years. Money can come from inheritances and estates, though no one need actually die for this to come about. Sometimes if one is named in a will. Sometimes a trust fund is set up. Sometimes one is named an executor of a will and earns in that way. There are many possible scenarios. Earnings and earnings opportunities will increase. Speculations are favorable. Creative projects can boost your bank balance and best of all, by this time you will know how to handle and manage your new wealth. Generally this is a good period to enjoy love life. Beginning of the year should be considered more positive. Some bitterness in the relations may develop due to hot and unnecessary arguments. The single ones would be able to up-scale their level of attraction to cope with the opposite sex. Your social life expands now just in time to improve your love life as well. Do not fear to show yourself as you are to potential partners. Do not make-up or fake things. There would be much passion, pleasure and sensual moves in your love area this year. However some of you might hold a grudge against their partners in the sense that your emotions or feeling are not being retaliated or paid-back. Married life is another foray in which you will see lot of problems. Your relationship may also get to the edge of separation or divorce. You will have a lot of things happening in your married life and most of them will be saddening only. Those working towards a second marriage also have good opportunity in the coming year. Someone of high status perhaps a boss or supervisor is coming into the picture. Romantic opportunity comes as you pursue career goals. Your lover is helping your career. Marriage is a powerful career move. For most of the year, your general health and energy levels would be at its best. This would help you to perform well in your career field. Your sense of responsiveness and dynamism would also reach new height through the year. Be prepared for a hectic and intense period of your life around the middle part of the year. Basically, you need to watch your overall energy. To rest more when you feel tired, to use your energy to greatest effect and not waste it on trivia or frivolities. It is nice to have many interests. It makes life exciting but you should choose the most important ones and focus on those. There would be peace and harmony in your family life this year. However do expect some changes in the beliefs and traditions of your family. There might be occasional rifts with family members. You need to avoid holding onto sentiments and emotions, instead serve your family in a more diplomatic way. During the course of the period try not to burn some steps as well. Children could move into larger quarters. In general, relations with them seem good. They are prospering. Your lover or spouse seems to get on well with your family. Your spouse is more family conscious these days, too. Be careful while developing friendship with superfluous persons. Though this is a frenetic year of much change, your moods are basically upbeat and optimistic.