Good karma is definitely coming your way today, and you can expect some extremely rewarding gifts to land right in your lap. You've done some wonderful deeds in the recent past, and the people you have helped are ready to help you, should you need anything. This is going to be a very educational day that will teach you how to win people over to your cause without sending them on a guilt trip. You are learning more about how to use your charm to get ahead in life.

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Good happenings shall fill this month. Your family members would be friendly and cordial with you. Your friends would have a mutual understanding with you. You may have some improvement in your career. You would become confident and gain good reputation in your friends circle, owing to your determination and willpower. You shall develop an optimistic outlook and become very energetic. Your relationship with people shall become cordial and harmonious. You will meet influential people this month, who may help you progress in the near future & thus, boost your confidence. Your financial position shall have a strong improvement. Be watchful towards your wealth now, as there are possibilities of you being cheated upon. You would socialize more and form new friendships. Avoid being aggressive or hasty in your actions, as it will almost always lead to losses. There are chances for minor complications in health this month. This month shall give mixed results in terms of your business. You have to accept changes and updates from your clients. You may have to travel a lot for project requirements. If you work in the fields of jewelry, media, garments, art, or creative work, then you may observe a bright period. Jobholders, you shall have betterment in your career and may receive favors from superiors to lead a joyous, carefree life. You may have good leadership abilities, but due to hassled behavior, you may lose some opportunities.  A job change is not advisable & you should continue with your current job. Fiscal conditions will largely improve, yet your expenses will refuse to come down. You shall gain profits from investments. You may also have some unexpected gains from other means. Take advice from experts for getting desired profits. It is ideal for you to control your unnecessary expenditure. The monthly indications point towards a rough term for love & marriage. It would be better not to hide anything & share your heart out with each other. Keep a humble & warm approach & avoid hurting each other. Even the slightest of comments may cause a permanent rift in your relation.  Your own anger will lead to quarrels & cause tension at home. You should look after your spouse. There are chances for few celebrations in the family. Try to improve your changeful nature and restless disposition towards your partner. Pay attention to your father’s health & avoid any clashes with him. Your own health may suffer now, as blood pressure levels may create problems. You may also suffer from cough, cold and gastric problems. Drive carefully & avoid stressing over unnecessary matters. If fever or an infection strike, actively seek medical help & avoid lethargy. For students, the monthly predictions depict a period of diligent efforts. Pull up your socks & keep your preparations top notch, as competition is likely to remain tough. Kick laziness & confusions out of your schedule if you wish to succeed. Take guidance from your teachers and face every situation with confidence. You may need to change your impulsive nature. Results may be filled with uncertainties. Chances of getting admission in a college of your choice are present, yet keep other options handy to be on a safer side.

You can have a real thirst for life, and this year isn't going to be any different! You want more for yourself, and your ambitions will drive you forward in your career or business. You may encounter many obstacles along the way, but with confidence and hard work, you will be able to overcome them all. You don't want to accept anything less than success! Your personal life continues to run quite smoothly for the first half of the year, and your charm and sociable aspects are given a boost. You will find yourself in an artistic mood. Make the most of it and express yourself through dance, music, or visual activities. You should watch out for your own moods. You can be destructive without even meaning to be and could hurt someone's feelings if you don't learn to control your temper. You can sometimes enjoy the dramas of life, but on this occasion, you will want a sincere resolution and will have to be honest to come to resolutions. You will start to have much more fun later in the year, and relationships will be healed. You may take short trips. If you don't travel for work or business, then you should plan some getaways just for fun. Mix it up a bit and regain some of that zest that makes you so enjoyable to be around! The year will be prosperous for your wallet. New opportunities are likely to come up at work. Don’t be afraid to take them! During this time, you are likely to have a lot of professional projects on your desk. While this may be stressful at times, it will pay off in the long run. You should not be cooped up at their desk all day. Make sure that you make time to schmooze with your superiors. Who knows? If you have a good relationship with your boss it may make them more likely to promote you in the future. Basically, just be on your best behavior, and be a little bit of an overachiever if you can. There is a good chance that you will come into a lot of money this year. Maybe one of your old investments will pay off or you will win a lottery! You will be one with mental clarity. This year your head will be clear. You will easily be able to make logical decisions when it comes to anything that might be important. This can help you at work and in relationships. This year your emotions will also have their ups and downs. Don’t let this play too much into any decisions that you might make. If your emotions get in the way at times, it can help with your romantic and friendly relationships. This is a year of positive outcomes with excellent future profits.