Everyone around you has a tiny effect on your day, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing. One driver cutting you off at the freeway exit might make you a little late for work, but one person holding the elevator door could help you make up that time. You can't assign blame or anger to anyone for doing something that spoils your routine. You have to look at the bigger picture -- that way, you'll see that you always end up where you should be.

A flighty friend is suddenly very serious about upcoming plans that are important to them -- and they're giving you some guilt trips about not getting involved. They aren't realizing that they are asking for more than they have ever been willing to give, so it might be up to you to remind them that they let you down when you were counting on them. It could create an argument between the two of you, but you will make your point. In order to make your friendship better, you have to speak the truth.

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