Your money has been on your mind a lot lately, so take advantage of some of your free time today to investigate some new options. Your finances are doing well enough, but today it would be wise for you to make sure that all of your accounts are up to date and organized. You won't be bored by the exercise, either -- you will feel empowered. Asking friends for advice is a good place to start, but don't follow what they say exactly. Your situation is unique.

A strong flirtatious energy is going to be all around you today, and it could spice up one or two of your relationships! Before you get all excited about your romantic prospects, remember that flirting is just flirting. Whether or not things are meant to go to the next level is not certain. So play it safe -- keep things light and breezy instead of pushing for a commitment. After all, you need to get to know them better before you know how you really feel.

The monthly horoscope indicates a splendid period ahead. Your confidence will reach new heights, though you may remain irate. After second half of the month, your decision making ability will improve significantly and you should consider taking all major decisions in this period. Avoid hasty or aggressive actions though or it will backfire majorly. Some stress is possible but you should proceed bravely. If in politics, you will enjoy a favorable period now. Your sharp mind will enable you to take calculated and profitable risks. If participating in debates or competitions, you will taste success. Frequent foreign travels are on the cards, though profits will be seen only after some time. Your father’s health is expected to improve now and he might face issues with the govt. due to paperwork. Expenses may rise; nonetheless, wasteful expenses will be negligible. New work beginnings are favored this month. Before starting a work alone, consult a friend for improving your chances of success. If working in creative, designer, art, decorative, or beauty areas, unexpected profits or orders are quite possible for you. Despite on-time completion of work, some stress might prevail. Work with a foreign company will fetch you good monetary rewards, though payments are expected to take time to reach you. Be very careful while making financial transactions. After mid-month, you may get a govt. job, but if you are being referred by someone, then be alert and careful. Problems with supervisors at work are likely. If waiting for a tender, chances are you will get it and earn good profits from it. If working as a private secretary, this is a delightful period for you, with appreciation and promotion at work possible. Colleagues will help you. Financially, the month looks average for you. Wasteful expenses will remain in control, though regular spending will continue in the same fashion. Some mental stress is likely to bother you. Avoid lending money under someone’s influence. An old investment or a govt. related work may profit you now. Spending on your lover is depicted. Work related finances will remain stable. You may apply for a loan, if needed. Investing in land or property should be avoided till the end of the month. Payments from abroad may come in late after some delays. Love and marriage prospects seem to enjoy rosy conditions this month. Relation with your lover seems cordial and harmonious. Partner will be supportive and any ongoing problems will be sorted. Surprises from your partner will boost love in relations. Planning a trip or long drives together will further improve conditions. If single, love may develop at work for you. If married, be patient. Have faith in your partner and deal with any issues diplomatically without getting angry. Family front may remain disturbed due to financial uncertainties. The only way out is to support and help each other. You will play an important role in completion of some important domestic task. Relation with your mother might suffer to some extent and expenses on her are likely. Everyone in the family will have to spend wisely, and this might lead to some friction among family members. Father will support you. Profits for him are likely at work front. Your health may suffer due to leg ache. Be careful while dealing with fire or electric equipment. This month looks favorable for students. Hard work will bring you success. Stays focused and spend limited time on social media, friends, or other such sources. Your wastage of time might irritate your parents & your relations may suffer. Sports can bring new chances of fame for you. Academic performance looks good mostly. Success and rewards in a debate or competition are likely. You may find a part time job now. For your children, television and activities other than studies seem to be more attractive this month. Your bonding with them looks mostly cordial. Keep their teachers in loop and track their performance regularly.

This is a year of inner ‘knowledge’ and learning and most of your outer actions will be geared towards handling responsibilities and dedicating yourself to bringing into reality the things which you are building inside while you process and work through your deepest needs. Partnerships remain vibrant and energized throughout the year and provide some amazing growth as well. Much of this area is rather ‘out of your control’ but the universe promises cosmic magic at its finest if you move through ego boundaries and insecurities to embrace ‘what is’ rather than what you ‘think’ should be. There would be radical changes in your personal and professional life now through this year. You would be able to do more things this year than ever before, but then keep your sensitivity under check as it might hamper your growth. Your areas of greatest interest in the year ahead are finance, communication and intellectual interests, children, creativity, love affairs and fun, love and romance, sex, death and rebirth, reincarnation, life after death, occultism and spirituality. Your professional life may not be up to the mark. You may not be satisfied with the circumstances at your workplace. Promotion may get delayed or denied. You may feel stressed due to non-performance at workplace. Support of colleagues may not be available at the time of need. Sense of dissatisfaction may surround you. Seniors may not be happy with you and with your performance. Refine, re-define and re-work your professional work ethics to get your projects completed in time. Go to the bottom of things in order to maintain a conducive relationship with your peers and authorities in work place. The first half of the year might be quite laborious. While the second half might bring about a sense of stability and optimism in your professional side. Business people will have normal year. Things will be usual as such with no big surprises. You should keep away from stocks and lending money to someone. Things will be moving slowly but firmly. Results of your efforts will start to come but with considerable delays. You will manage things somehow in time. Mental stress will be there for no logical reason. Building your personal empire, no matter what that empire might be, requires that you focus on building your career and your job routine with dedication and a sense of responsibility. You tend to like to take command and are at your best when you can delegate and structure a job to move smoothly through and around you. The financial situation would improve a lot this year. Though there might be some constraints for your inflow, you would be able to get your desires and wishes fulfilled. The year calls for pruning stagnant finances, liquidation and en-cashing of your investments. Do not take hasty decisions, instead act on a calm note. Be prepared for unforeseen expenditure that might arise all through this year. Make wise decisions and try to detach yourself from unwanted financial indulgences that might eat your savings. Review your budget periodically if the situation warrants the same. Do not fall prey to the emotional turbulences caused by your near ones in the financial side. Save some for the coming years, so that your financial future is taken care of. Perhaps the most important thing that’s happening is your expansion of financial knowledge and insight. Financial principles suddenly become clear to you and you see how to enter your financial ‘promised land’. You will probably attain your financial goals and will be ready to focus on other things like the pursuit of your intellectual interests. Many of you will be buying new cars after and new communication equipment, top-notch stuff! One thing that could hamper earnings is getting into a moneymaking contest with your spouse, lover or partner. It isn’t necessary and will only obstruct the prosperity of both. More thought needs to be given to a business partnership for it seems unstable. The love life would be quite phenomenal this year. The single ones and those already in a relationship would witness major changes in their love life. Though your love area might be painful at times, the rewards would be long-lasting. Do try to change the mode of your expressions of love as it might further your prospects in bringing potential partners into your fold. Compromise needs to be made at times with your partner to bring in enough romance in your life. Do not let communication gaps to be developed between you and your partner. There would be innumerable romantic encounters in your life this period; it is up to you to pick the choice. Marriage is more recommendable than it has been for many, many years. The wandering is over. The experiments have all been performed. The year is time to settle down. Those who are working towards a second marriage have a status-quo year. Married will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. The same is true for those working towards a third marriage. Your general health would be quite average this year. Though you might command good health, there would be occasional bouts of weaknesses in body and soul. Follow the nature trail to win back your spirits. An organized diet and exercising regiment would go a long way in improving your overall well-being. Do not physically exert yourself too much. Stress may be one of the causes for health ailments which may cause insomnia. Physically, you may feel restless, tired and exhausted. Body pain and venereal diseases cannot be ruled out during the year. If treated properly, health will improve for few months during mid of the year. Those who have had health problems recently should hear good news on that front. For the year ahead, your morality and sense of responsibility in the family front would be put to test. However you need to sustain yourself armored with the effects of planets through the year. Be receptive to the advice of those in the family. Joy and happiness would then follow suit. Elders and children in the family side may need your solace and guidance during this period. If you need to make home repairs or are thinking of renovating or redecorating, it seems best. Beautifying the home and especially buying objects of beauty for the home goes best.