The problems you are having with a new member of your circle of friends or a new member of your family are nowhere near as awful as you think they are, so cheer up! Your active imagination, along with a few of your fears, is combining to create a version of reality that is simply not accurate. Interestingly enough, this anxiety does indicate how important this person is to you -- and once things are back on track, you two are going to be better than ever.

The bad news is that you are probably going to get bored with your company today -- and few things are less fun than getting stuck in a conversation with someone who just isn't that interesting. But you can avoid being in their company for very long if you skip past pleasantries and forget your good manners for the time being. Sure, you hate to be rude, but sometimes it's better to come off as rude than it is to endure someone going on and on and wasting your time.

Your monthly horoscope indicates a slow pace of things. You might remain lazy this month. Be patient and speak softly. If you make a promise, make sure you keep it. The period from the second half of the month looks stressful. Spend wisely. Be diplomatic in your approach and avoid quarrels. The flow of income seems nice. If involved with the work of designing, creative arts, or beauty, gains and profits appear good. If involved in sports, opportunities to display your talent would come to you this month. Occupy yourself with hobbies and activities that interest you or you might feel frustrated. Chances are you might step into the new research. Traveling for work might frequently take you abroad. Be careful, as a property dispute is possible due to a relative. Make any expensive purchases near the end of the month only. Indulging in social work would help you expand your contacts. The month looks good for your career. Work stability would prevail, yet avoid starting a new work this month. If running a business, your workers or employees under you would support your decisions. Deal with them diplomatically. If working in partnership, maintain a balanced relationship with your partner. Traveling abroad with your partner for work projects is likely this month. However, projects might face delays in completion. If in a job, changes at work are likely this month. Transfer to the desired location is likely. Avoid opting for a job change this month. If looking for a new job, you would get good opportunities with the desired salary. Coworkers would be supportive and almost family-like. You may plan to spend time with them after office. Appreciation from the boss might bring you a salary raise, in which your seniors would also play an important role. After the first half of this month, maintain a safe distance from seniors and your boss. Your finances seem variable. Hobbies and interests would be the center of your expenses. An old item might demand useless spending. Profits from work look good, yet unnecessary expenses could be stressful. You might spend on old land. Expenses on a house or vehicle are possible. Investments in the share market seem unfavorable this month. Good returns from an old investment could help improve your financial condition. You may profitably invest in real estate after some research. Financial help from your partner would boost your confidence if married. Uncertainties due to the parental property are likely. Loan-related matters appear smooth. With the rise in traveling, expenses are also likely to rise. The month looks tough for your love life. If in a relationship, be very patient while dealing with your lover, as chances of a breakup look strong this month. Keep your ego aside, as it could lead to serious issues. Make time for your partner for betterment. Talk softly and politely. Interference from your family might further spoil matters. If single, new proposals from the work front may come for you. Your marriage life looks harmonious. Family life seems peaceful. Foreign travels with your soul mate are likely. Marital bond looks stronger than ever. Your family life might face uncertainties or misunderstandings. Parents would work towards keeping things smooth. Support from elder siblings seems to bring some relief. A party is possible at a relative’s house. Your health seems mostly stable, yet a lack of energy is likely. Avoid laziness, as it might cause delays. There is a good possibility that your father might receive a promotion this month. Stay alert against problems related to blood sugar levels or thyroid. A monthly horoscope speaks of a delightful period for students. Hard work would fetch you the desired results. Friends would help you prepare well for competitions however; you should speak to them softly and avoid disrespecting them even in a non-serious way. If planning to study abroad, your dreams would fulfill. If you wish to join a course, you would get admission to the place of your choice. Avoid wasting your time on a friend. The focus may lack towards studies and their results might suffer. Make sure they spend limited time online and playing games. Try to make them understand diplomatically without getting angry. Prizes and achievements at school are likely to boost their confidence.

This year promises to be one where personal growth and inner understanding make powerful changes in your life. There is a lot of short distance travel incoming and a lot of interaction with both your closest friends and important and powerful new associates. Though you are advised to stick to your entourage, be focused on your ideals in life. Relationship with others would take a new meaning for the year ahead. There would be a good number of opportunities to forge ahead in your life this period. Do understand the reality surrounding you and strengthen your foundation in personal relationships and professional links this season. You’re most important areas of interest in the year ahead are spirituality, the body, image, personal appearance and personal pleasure, communication and intellectual interests, children, love affairs and creativity, health, work and career. Last year, many of you were trying to make your work more enjoyable. Many of you made good progress. This urge and trend will continue in the year ahead and the aspects look good for it. The idea seems to be to make work like play and play like work. This period may prove to be favorable for those who are seeking employment or betterment in the professional life. Relations with the senior authorities will be normal but you will be able to get the support from your subordinates. Judging your performance, you may also be assigned with new responsibilities at your workplace which you will be able to accomplish with confidence.   There would be an irresistible urge in you to build a better professional future. Do not hesitate to ask for favors, or pay-hikes or transfers and shifts. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Some peers and authorities might annoy you through the year. Do not bother to pay heed to their whims. Count only on yourself and your hard work. Optimism and your sense of survival would help you to fight any hindrances and come out successful in your career field this year. Career is important this year and we see much progress but through hard work. Even those of you who choose the freelance lifestyle cannot succeed without some personal discipline. You must adopt a schedule and have goals and stick to them. Without discipline, the freelance lifestyle is just a synonym for unemployment. Those who employ others have a more challenging year, as there is great instability in the workforce. Your company is like a revolving door. Workers come and they go. Hard to know who will be available for what day but this instability can be handled if you are calm. There is always a solution for each incident. Balancing is required in terms of your literal security and finances this year and being involved strongly in others people money or their assets is likely to be an important part of the months ahead. This will require that you be prepared to make stands at times for what you know is best and also to learn to make some hard and fast decisions for someone in your life. Financial position will be generally satisfactory if you keep control on incurring heavy expenses on unnecessary items particularly during beginning of the year. There is possibility of increase in the flow of money which will keep happy and full of confidence.  Some expenditure related to friends and relatives might come un-informed. Be prepared to tackle the same. This is a good time to invest or buy a car or a new home. Stay clear from making small-budget allocations for now. Your investments would help to yield fruits in the coming year. As the year progresses you may very well be investing in that future and having saved up some of the windfall you’ll be prepared to make the most of your choices. In terms of your love life you would be able to have a better understanding of their partners in life, that love would take a new meaning. Planets would help you to grow a more meaningful relationship with your partner this year. Intense passion and romance would be encountered en-route. There would be hope to change your existing relationships that are quite thick-skinned for now. You need to spread out your wings and expand your love horizon. However you are advised against taking impulsive actions in the love side for the year ahead. Indeed, things develop and disappear in your love-front swiftly and beautifully. Partner would be more satisfying than ever and he or she would take total control of situations. Letting go off of some bad relationships would pave way for total happiness and commitment for existing ones. Take steps to positively develop your love relationships this year. Health will be generally good most of the time during the year. During mid of the year, you need to take care of diseases related to blood pressure. Ailment of ear or pain in shoulders cannot be ruled out. Beginning two months of the year may keep you restless and agitated. Though rivals will be active to annoy you but you will manage to handle them successfully. The last quarter of year can be used to hone up your hobby skills and the like to improve your spirits. Your moral health would improve a lot resulting in overall well-being. Those of you who have crossed seventy it is better to keep quick response drugs nearby. This is a year (and for many years to come) for taking responsibility for your own health. Your body is unique. It has its own particular quirks. You will learn that there are almost no universal rules of diet or therapies that work for everyone all the time. Learn about your own body but this learning will be through personal experiment and with much trial and error. The family of your life will be cool this year. Benefic planets will be blessing its goodness upon you. You will have amicable relations with relatives. You will have auspicious functions in your home and family. You will mix up well with one and all. Not only this year but next year too is going to be very good for you in this aspect. Many of you may see marriage happening. There is possibility of birth of child too this year. Your relatives will be helpful towards you and you may get some help from them. You may have to change your residence. Do not hesitate to appreciate the good works of others at home. Let bygones be bygones, do not let emotions rule the roost in the family side for now. In general, domestic welfare/happiness is assured for you on the home front, though periodic bouts of misunderstandings cannot be ruled out.