Beware of the people who boast about their achievements today. You don't brag about how great you are, because you choose to let your actions and behaviour speak for you. When people resort to tooting their own horn all the time, it's because they don't have any other way to show people what they are capable. These people lack substance, and should be avoided at all costs. They are a total waste of your time, especially on a busy day like today.

Even if you don't have a sweetheart right now, this day is going to be full of romance for you! So if you're not going to be falling in love with another person all over again, you'll be falling in love with yourself all over again -- which might feel ten times as sweet. You are a wonderful person, and even if there's no one in your life right now to remind you of that fact, you can remind yourself. It's a nice, powerful feeling to remind yourself how special you are.

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