You're the playful sort -- always have been, always will be. And for the most part, that fact is appreciated by your family, friends and sweetheart, even when you push the envelope past the point of no return. They let you slide because you're you and they love you. At the moment, however, it will be tougher to talk your way in or out of a particular situation. Think about that before you open your mouth.

If you're feeling it, you'll say it, even if you'd ordinarily go out of your way just to keep it under wraps. Today, your feelings will emerge quite rapidly from between your lips, which mean you might want to warn the ones you love about what's coming. Just tell them that you're in a rather outgoing frame of mind -- and heart -- and then hope that they'll understand. Bet they'll love it.

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You are one of the peaceful and hospitable signs in the zodiac, and this year you may need to put these qualities to the test in order to look after people around you that need help. Try to keep your personal world balanced, but also leave some time to spend with friends, partners, and family. You will have a great year if you play your cards right. Keep yourself balanced, and your year should be balanced as well. Your love life will be full of immense joy but may have a serious element that needs tending to if you are to prove how much someone really means to you. You can find out more about that later. For you, this means a really enjoyable time where you can relax and spend a lot more time than usual with your friends. You are going to make some new friends that will end up being top quality, and you will spend time with old acquaintances. Your jovial mood will add to the fun, and bring smiles to you and your friends’ faces. In Career news, you are always craving to learn new things, and this is still the case during the year. If you are in school, then you are bound to be extra productive this year. If you are working, then get ready to learn some new skills for your job. You will be better than usual when it comes to tasks of the mind, but tasks of the body – not so much. Make sure that you work hard so that you can play hard later. Business decisions need to be taken after some thought. Try to keep your budget balanced this year. While having artwork and other beautiful items are important, it is also important to have food and money for rent. If you are not doing so well financially, don’t spend too much on things you do not need. However, if you are doing well, feel free to splurge. This is the time to tune your body by playing sports or exercising. Like your physical energy, your mental energy will seem to peak this year as well. It will be easier for you to make decisions this year than in previous years. During the year do not forget about your passions! Work on your hobbies, keep in contact with friends and family, but stay away from sugary and junk foods. This year things will seem like they are going by faster than usual. Luckily, you will also be filled with more energy than usual during this year. So it won’t be too hard to keep up with all of the changes and the general pace of the world. You may feel excellent energy and excitement in your life this year.