As happy as you are to be going where you are going right now, not everyone is right there on the same page with you. While you must be aware of it and make adjustments accordingly, you don't have to completely change your path -- that will only cause you to feel resentment. Just tone things down a bit. Spend and act more modestly, and don't be too outgoing with your energy. You could end up overwhelming those folks who still need some time to catch up with you.

There have been a lot of contradictions between what a good friend is promising and what they are delivering. Today, when you have the opportunity to talk to them alone, you should follow up on a few promises that you feel they did not fulfil. You might be frustrated, and you have every right to show them your temper is running out. But if you are gentle and compassionate with them, you'll get a far more effective reaction. And you will pave the way for real progress.

The monthly horoscope depicts a time to follow your interests and aspirations. Your hobbies would occupy most of your time this month. Traveling with friends would help you recharge your senses. The period between the first quarter of the month might be stressful due to domestic issues. Pay attention to the health of your mother. Jewelry and exotic food would be the center of your expenses. You would gain money through new or unexpected ways. Don’t get into quarrels with anyone, as it would be your own loss. Stay alert when around animals. Be careful and patient while driving. Chances are you would be able to rebuild a broken relationship this month that could majorly help you in the future. Work-related travels might take you to a foreign country and result in an enhanced reputation and profits. A religious trip with parents would help you find peace of mind. Students should manage their time wisely and work towards building a strong career foundation. With good energy levels and a strong focus level, success would be yours in most of your endeavors. The month looks bright for your career prospects. Profits from new work would boost your confidence. A recently started work would witness good gains and the expected rewards despite slow growth in the month. If waiting to grab a particular project, delays are possible. You may discover new ways to work or earn this month. Work-related travels are likely and look profitable. Relations with business partners seem to improve. If in a job, the month would be a sensitive period and you should proceed cautiously. Avoid any risks at work and keep a low profile. Strictly avoid arguments with anyone at work. Your image in the eyes of your boss and seniors would greatly improve and chances of promotion along with a good income look good in the near future. Avoid considering a job change this month. If associated with journalism or sports, you would encounter new opportunities. Finances are shining in this month. An increase in your income and savings is quite possible this month. The purchase of an expensive item would add to your expenses. Investments in the share market seem unfavorable. Avoid taking a loan. Getting your money back from someone could be a tricky task and would need a strategic approach. You might have to spend heavily on your children if any. Investing for long terms in land or real estate would benefit you. An old land investment could profit you. Your monthly horoscope speaks of a possible purchase of expensive gifts or items. Traveling abroad would be expensive. Rewards from work and pay hikes are likely. Financial help from your lover or father would come to you. Your love life might face some confusion throughout the month. If dating someone, make sure to discuss all sensitive matters beforehand to avoid problems later. If single and in love with someone, avoid expressing your feelings this month. If you are still looking for a partner, you may develop feelings for a friend this month. However, if you think your friend feels the same for you, you could be mistaken. With the beginning of the New Year, all confusions would resolve. You would meet a potential partner, who is perfect for you. Your marriage life looks better than before. Frequent short religious trips with your partner would improve your bonding. If you have been living away from each other due to some reason, you would finally come together this month. Surprises and gifts for your partner would ignite the lost spark in your marriage. New achievements are likely for your partner at work that would improve your financial condition. If your partner is unable to spend time with you due to work pressure, try to help them and understand their situation instead of complaining about it. Family life seems comfortable. Parties and celebrations are likely at your home that would help sort any ongoing family issues. Bonding with elder siblings appears to get better now. Support from younger siblings would boost your morale. Financial from father is possible. Pay attention to the health of your mother. Chances are you might have to stay away from your home this month. Be careful while driving. Take care of your health. Operate with electrical equipment with care. To stay away from stress, avoid arguments with anyone. A blood-related infection might cause problems & you should immediately take medical help. Students, this month is the time for hard work for you. Lack of focus might not allow you to study well. However, the results of previous exams would be as expected. Selection of streams might cause confusion. Consult your seniors to make the most of it. Manage your time wisely. Speak thoughtfully and strictly stay away from arguments, as it could hurt your career prospects badly. Avoid laziness. Chances of going abroad for further studies look good in the month. Expenses on your children seem to rise this month. Their focus would be on other things than studies and they would prefer spending more time with friends. Try to bring them back on track. If participating in competitions makes sure they prepare well otherwise, their results might suffer.

Pisces natives would be entering an important phase in their life this year. Some of your burning desires or ambitions would now take wings. The planets would be helping you to make certain radical changes to your lifestyle, career and future personal life. Do channel your energy properly to get the best rewards in life through the course of this year. Don't let your emotions wander freely; instead let your creativity and other personal assets do the talking. Expect a lot of new energy, new events and new emotional gratification to come from this area of your life. Access your inner child and allow them out to play it is quite likely that they know precisely where you need to be on that sparkling horizon ahead. Your major areas of interest in the year ahead are spirituality, home and family, creativity, children, love affairs and fun, love and romance, debt and repayment, taxes, helping others prosper, estate issues, the deeper things of life. If you have been in a repressive environment in past few years, the break out is going to be spectacular. Perhaps you will overly rebel. There is a new sense of personal freedom happening only, don’t overdo it. Keep it all constructive. Career is going to be mixed. There will be foreign travels related to work. You may get promoted. You will have hike in salary. You will sometimes face sudden lack of luck factor in your career. There is possibility of differences with your seniors. The year might call for much commitment and hard work from Pisces guys if they need to excel in their career life. But then only after the first quarter your efforts would start yielding good results. Do not diversify your professional activities this year. Focus on a project or two and channel your energy for the same. However your enthusiasm would be just great for great professional achievements this year by way of good pay hike, promotions, overseas travels and the like. Around the middle of the year, there might be a need for a change of course for some Pisces people. But then sticking to your present profile might do more good than the former. Get into the good books of your authorities and peers this period, if you need to take a de-tour later on in life. Do not be impulsive, take small bold steps where the fall would not harm you much in case you encounter some. Business is going to be mostly dull. There will be many efforts from your side but it will not pay off in time. You will face delays and cancellations which will make you depressed at times. There will be defeat in competition and competitors will surge ahead. Your sales graph will jump only in few fortnights in the whole year. This year is not a good period for financial matters. Take care of your valuables as there is possibility of loss of money due to theft or burglary. This is not the proper time to initiate any new project. Not a favorable time to invest in properties. From second half of the year you may start feeling some relief in your financial matters but expenditures may remain too high. Do make a good balanced approach for your financial moves for now. Do not drive against the wind as you might have harsher environment out there. Past period investments might fetch good returns for some Pisces people this year. The love life of Pisces natives would be quite hap-hazard this year. Your level of sentimentality and emotions would be at its peak now. You would take several areas of your dreams and fears that practicality might be out of question. Relationships would take a new route for now, however stick to your family values and traditions. Certain adjustments would be called for in this time for cordial relationship with your spouse of partner. The single ones would have many positive encounters. But then do not act hastily, weigh the pros and cons before venturing into a new area of friendship or love. Married life is not going to be very happy either. You will have common misunderstandings which will gradually take a bigger shape. You will not be cooperative and expenses also will become a reason for conflict. The best thing to do in this time is to give more time to family and understand them more than they deserve in your opinion. You have a tendency to take yourself first and others later, curb this habit this year. Worries and obstacles may not allow you enjoy the pleasures of good health. Ill health and fatigue due to over indulgence in work may keep you stressed. Also be aware of injuries during last months of the year. Diseases related to liver may affect you. Unknown fear may surround you. Unnecessary travelling should be avoided this year. Also take care of your father’s health. Some Pisces people are likely to develop certain deficiencies through the course of the year. Meditation, yoga and pilgrimages can be taken up for mental health rejuvenation. Your sense of optimism would help you to come over trials in life. The end of the year might bring minor health issues and general fatigue that need to given proper attention at the earliest to avoid serious after-effects. Do not lose your calmness and temper otherwise you may land yourself in grave situations. For the year 2018, Pisces natives are advised to speak it out when it concerns matters pertaining to family and other domestic areas. Impulsive decisions would not work for now. Stay positive and take time to solve rifts and misunderstandings in relationships at home. Some voluntary actions need to be taken if you want your family structure to stay intact in times of strong winds around. Weigh your words before you communicate as problems lurk around.