Challenge yourself today. Not only will you rise to any occasion, but you will exceed your own highest expectations. You are in a prime position to push things in a new direction -- you're quick to learn, you're open to the unfamiliar, and your mind will be able to prioritize what matters the most. So get busy looking for something that will keep your brain humming. Feed your intellect, get your heart pumping, and you are sure to have a very exciting day.

Sharing your secrets is unwise today, because someone who is known to be quite a blabbermouth will be within hearing range -- and they are looking for grist for their gossip mill. Don't let it be you! So when you're in public, stick to the topics that no one cares much about, or the ones that everyone already knows everything about. Show some discretion. Even if your news is eating you up, you know you need to wait before divulging it -- so be patient.

Around first half of the month, you might remain irate and focus may lack. Control your anger and avoid hasty decisions in this period. After mid-month, things will improve. Profits from a govt. related work are quite likely this month. Work hard towards success and avoid taking shortcuts. Any delays in a land related work will be sorted. Frequent short trips are on the cards, but will only lead to stress without much profit. Foreign trips would bring work related gains and new contacts and projects. Strictly avoid arguments with anyone, as a major loss is possible. New work beginnings are favored before mid-month. Your energy and enthusiasm seems high, yet be careful and alert. If involved in an ongoing lawsuit, good news will come to you. You may plan a pilgrimage; though avoid any kind of show off. Professionally, this month looks sparkling. New ventures and work related investments should be made only before mid-month. Offers from a foreign company may come your way, which will benefit you largely. Your reputation will improve in the market and chances are one your products may become famous now. Frequent short trips may stress you out and should be avoided. If working in a partnership, you may benefit due to your partner. If in a job, then the period appears to be sensitive. Proceed carefully. Try for a job change this month. Be careful of what you speak about with your coworkers. If facing confusions with boss or seniors, then you can expect some relief this month. Prospects of promotion or salary hike might still remain uncertain. Don’t lose hope and be patient. The monthly forecast shows a favorable time for your finances. Monetary work will proceed smoothly. Expenses will mostly be under control. You may have to spend again on an old or a foreign purchase. Foreign travels may leave a hole in your pocket. As the month starts, benefits from a govt. related work are possible. Returns from an old investment may not be as expected and cause confusion. If married, then your partner would financially assist you with an important task this month. Taking or giving loan should be avoided this month, as you may be cheated. Land related investments seem favorable and would bring positive results. You will spend a romantic time with your lover this month. Serene Trips with your partner would further boost harmony. You may plan to take it a step ahead and think about love marriage. If you receive a proposal, you should readily accept it. Chances of an old lover returning in your life are high & things may take a positive and romantic turn. If married, marital harmony will prevail and stress will be reduced. Foreign trips and expensive gifts for partner are quite likely. You may step into a new work with your partner, which will be a relief for your partner. Your family front looks peaceful in this month. Financial conditions will improve. Family will largely support you. Relations seem harmonious and cordial. However, control your anger and avoid arguments, as bonding with younger siblings may suffer. You will earn benefits from parental property in the near future. Parties and celebrations will boost your spirits. If suffering from blood pressure related issues, take all the necessary precautions. Drive carefully. Be careful towards your head and feet. The month looks favorable students. Admission in a college of your choice abroad is quite possible. Awards and prizes in games and competitions are on the cards. Stay away from lethargy and overconfidence to improve your focus. Avoid being self-centered with your friends, as it may lead to clashes and quarrels. Fresh chances are likely in the fields of sports and competitions, followed by prizes. This is a favorable time to send them abroad for further studies.

It appears there is a lot of change coming into your life over the year and you get a chance to rework both how you present yourself to the world and what you present to the world. You’ll see faster rewards for work invested and a new relationship or a powerful boost to an old relationship is in the works, especially for the second half of 2018. Be ready to experience some dramatic change in how you communicate with those in your life and also be ready to embrace dramatic change in close friendships and family relationships. The planetary positions are favorable for you to feel better and do better in life. The future though not sure looks brighter, earlier it looked sort of bleak. There would be overall progress in all walks of your life. Keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Intellectual interests have been important for many years and your tastes revolve around spiritual literature, sacred writings, scripture, poetry and the like. This interest continues in the year ahead. You are developing your intellectual powers but with intuition added to them. An intuitive-type intellect is being born in you. This trend also continues in the year ahead. Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead are personal transformation, personal pleasure, the body, image and appearance, communication and intellectual interests, home, family and emotional issues, helping others prosper, sex, death and rebirth, past lives and reincarnation, career, group activities, organizations. The career prospects of the Sagittarius people looks good for the year 2018. It is one of the best periods in your entire life to forge ahead in style in the professional side. Bring your creativity to the fore and handle professional commitments with ease and dignity. Action speaks louder than words; let your performance do the talking for you towards authorities and higher-ups this period. Success comes all over you this year, do not be weighed down by your laurels though. A good time to build bridges in professional relationships and try to mend fences if any. Your sensitivity however might come in way of your growth and development. Do not get carried away by false promises this year. But then be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need in your work place. There is possibility that you may also face some sort of allegations. Your seniors may be too demanding. You may feel disappointed due to failure in your efforts which may develop bad temper and jealousy with others. Expenses are expected to be very high during this year which may keep your financial position wavering. Higher medical bills may also be cause of worry. Do not lend money to anyone as it may take long to time to recover the same. Also be very careful while signing important documents as there are chances of cheating. Raising loan may also be a problem. This is not a favorable time for investment. Plan your finances and cook a budget that suits your purse. A good time to stay away from legal wrangling too. Stick to your financial commitments come what may. In this way, you might stay away from financial hap hazards for the year ahead. Put in all your might to save, try to improve your financial standing this year. Put what comes in to good use and be careful not to let it slip through your fingers. The blessing of this time period is that you are assured growth and stability at the end of year. Some important details relevant to your love life might come to the fore. This would pave way for a brighter and happier love life. There would be a sense of maturity regarding your emotional side. Do not be impulsive in your move towards your partner this year. Weigh the pros and cons before making major love decisions. Especially impulses of the mind and heart would be difficult to be curbed this period. Stay away from irresistible offers in love and marriage. Take steps according to your conscience and let no one dictate your life and its moves. A good time for growth and harmony in love life if you are more than willing to express your true feelings to your partner or spouse. In this way many clouds can be dispersed positively. Some of you might feel that the search for an ideal partner is taking so long. Keep searching. Certain vital encounters would make a drastic change in your love life this year. Do not forget the past, live in the present and plan for the future, with your partner by your side. The year is a good time to rediscover your partner and his or her passions, dreams and ideals in life. Sagittarius guys would be full of energy for the year 2018 that adventure would be taken in good stride. However certain turmoil in your life might take a heavy toll on your general health and nervous strength. Find ways to replenish your energy levels, by attending cultural shows and other recreational activities. There would be many demands from friends and family that your general health would not be attended to properly this season. You may also feel low energy level. Meditation may prove to give a calming effect. Timely medical check is also required. The year ahead would bring about much excitement in your family life. However stay clear from those members who try to influence or dominate you through the year. It is best to avoid such relationships in life this period. Do yield to only those who respect you and pay heed to your words. Communication with members of the family might bring about some misunderstandings, be wary. The relationship arena seems to be a little clear now for the year ahead. Your emotional level also deepens a bit and your listening skills would be honed for the period ahead. Your relatives will be of some help but you will hesitate to use their advice. More or less, there will be discontent throughout the year.