A friend who has been all talk and no action has been getting on your nerves for some time now -- it could be time to make a decision about them. You don't need people in your life who disappoint you over and over again. Have a talk with them, today, and find out what's been behind all of their empty promises. Stop giving them 'one more chance' and don't be afraid to cut them loose from your life. They need you much more than you need them. Any awkward social scenes you fear will not materialize, so don't worry.

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You shall have good progress and receive honors this month. You may become religiously inclined and visit pilgrim centers. You may go on a long journey or foreign tour for some important tasks. This journey will bring you good monetary profits. Yet work related uncertainty will prevail & a rise in expenses will cause stress. Delays & hurdles are likely now, and some of the work done by you might even go waste. Thus, manage your time carefully. Your fearless attitude and your high spirit shall give success for all your efforts. Your opponents are likely to surrender & you will come out victorious. Your social popularity shall increase and people would seek your advice on important issues. A female friend may be pivotal in helping you reach a good position or land a good project with juicy rewards & income. Post mid-July, be careful towards your father’s health. Your health would be normal. This month, you shall get good opportunities to prove your talent in your work, but you may lose few of them owing to your absent-mindedness. Be patient and avoid making hasty decisions. Unemployed persons may succeed in their pursuits. You need to be punctual in reaching your workplace. Avoid stepping into a new venture or investing in a work purely out of hearsay. Follow your own instincts. Partnerships may fall prey to misunderstandings or confusion related to accounts. Work carefully now & pay attention while dealing with cheque payments. Jobholders, you enjoy a better period at work now. Colleagues will be supportive & chances of a promotion are on the cards now. Your financial commitments may get fulfilled with persistent efforts. You may make new investments. Try to minimize your expenditure, as you may spend more for luxuries. Mismanagement of the budget is likely to keep you confused. You should let someone trustworthy to handle your accounts for better results. Do not trust people blindly with your funds. Avoid investing in share market for now. If you had lent money to someone, then that sum will also possibly come back to you. Lovers shall enjoy a pleasant time and couples may plan for a jolly trip to relax and get mental peace. Minor misunderstandings can cause major conflicts. For betterment, you should maintain a strategic distance from each other for some time till things calm down. Till mid-July, chances are that your spouse will benefit from a govt. related work or authority. Your health looks mostly stable now, yet remains careful towards symptoms of blood sugar & chest related issues. You may suffer from ailments like skin allergies due to pollution and feel nervous during this month. Consume calcium-rich diet to overcome iron deficiency in the body. Follow simple diet tips to get maximum benefit. Students are likely to observe a period of distractions in July. Lack of concentration, can affect your studies. Avoid a lazy approach & utilize your time wisely.  Take advice from your parents for better progress.

This year will go by quickly you need to remember to keep yourself composed as often as possible. Getting stressed out about everything will only hurt, not help. If you need a mental vacation, don’t be afraid to take one. Be kind to your friends and family. Don’t push your mind or body too far. Know your limits, but don’t put any limitations on how great your year can be if you play to your strengths. You will start off the year by making some good decisions for the sake of your family or closeness to relatives. If you have children this could mean supporting them in some way, or you could choose to spend more time with your parents or siblings. It may make this hard to make some professional and ethical decisions; it makes it easy to make romantic choices. Follow your heart this year! If you are single, then this is your time to act! Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous! There is a chance that you might even start dating your ex-lover. If you are already in a relationship, then don’t be afraid to surprise your partner. The more passionate and sexually intense you are in your relationship, the more exciting it is bound to be. Don’t worry about the past, focus on the present, and make it the best that you can. Planning for pregnancy too would make life exciting. When it comes to making new friends, make sure, to be honest with them. Don’t impress people that you don’t really care about. Be true to yourself and your friends and you will have a better chance of making a life-long friend. Your work will be even more demanding this year than it has been in previous years. It will take most of your attention and focus on getting things done. Don’t let this stress you out. Even though a heavier workload is likely to come your way in your job or business, it is also equally likely that new opportunities will present themselves as well. Make sure to be kind to your boss or co-workers this year. It is sure to pay off in the long run. Your financial records will change, and it’s up to you whether it is for the better is worse. You will likely have enough money to invest this year. Make sure that you spend your money wisely. This year your mental energy will be right at the level that you want it to be at. You will be able to solve problems faster than you usually would be able to. This can help a lot at work and in school. Your moral standing could also be higher this year. You may want to be kinder towards your friends and more ethical for the rest of your life. This will be a fast-paced year where you will have a lot to do in both your work as well as social life.