If you can imagine it, you can have it. That may sound crazy -- or overused, at least -- but it's not. So, right now, take a minute to imagine what you want, right down to the very last detail. Then, grab a legal pad and make a list. If you're not sure how to map the whole thing out, start with Stage One and The End. The middle is the toughest part, but it's also the most important. Take some time to think it out.

It's the weekend. It's summer. Do you need a better reason to celebrate? Especially for someone who's had the kind of month you've had. Bet you can easily talk someone you adore into spending the day with you. When was the last time you took a nice long drive with a loved one, with absolutely no destination in mind other than 'outta here'?

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This year you will have your ups and downs, but remember to try to stay as optimistic as possible. The more relaxed and less stressed out you are the more likely you are to succeed. Take things one day at a time. You will get a lot done this year in both career and social life. But that doesn’t mean that you need to move quickly. Take your time; this is one way that you can stay in your comfort zone. However, you should also try some new things this year; it is sure to make your year all the more interesting and exciting! You will be highly focused on your personal life at the start of the year, and social events and gatherings will be your calling, bringing out your urge to mingle and party. If you are already in a relationship, then try to be more open with your partner. You are bound to make a lot of compromises this year. So make sure that your partner understands your needs. Listen to them so that you can better understand your partner’s needs. Discuss everything, even if you would like to get pregnant or plan for a child. The year will be good if you are able to keep your relationships balanced. Be it an old or new relationship, you are bound to have an exciting and passionate time in bed! If you are looking to make new friends, then join a group or club involved with something that you are interested in. This is a great way to do things that you love and meet people who love the same things that you do. This year you are likely to have to work harder than you have in previous years. But not without a reward! Remember to be as professional as possible at work. Get all your work done, and even sign up for extra work if you can. Be kind to your superiors and co-workers and you are even more likely to succeed. You will find the balance with your work life as the months go on, and with this switch of attention, your career or business will start to come to fruition, with some amazing results. Since you are likely to be working more, you are also likely to make more money than you have before. If you are currently facing financial problems then this could be your way out! Once you are done struggling with your finances make sure that you do not begin to splurge again; save your money for a rainy day. Things are likely to feel like they are going faster than usual. While this is likely to be stressful, don’t let yourself get too worked up because of it. If you are too stressed then you are more likely to become ill than if you were to just go with the flow during the course of the year. Being relaxed and chilled out is the best way to deal with the coming year.