Let your sense of humour guide you through any sticky situations that might pop up today. Celebrate the fact that you have a sharper wit than most people by using it every chance you get! With one quick quip, you will be able to get the upper hand without anyone even realizing you took it -- and this will enable you to win any argument without breaking a sweat. The key is to be flexible and patient. You'll have to wait for your perfect moment to strike.

It's going to be critical that you stay on your toes today -- you've got to be ready to move in any direction quickly, as situations might change with no notice. Luckily, the universe has been sending you tons of good energy that will ensure your mind stays sharp and your eyes stay focused on whatever the task at hand may be. You are showing those in power that you are ready for more responsibility -- and they may reward you with more of it very soon.

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