Try to spend some time interacting with the few people who don't always agree with everything you say. Whether they hail from different backgrounds, cultures or religions than you, they see the world from a different perspective -- and it can be very interesting to hear what they have to say about recent events. At the very least, it will be a good learning experience. When you only hang out with like-minded people, you miss out on some opportunities.

Are you getting annoyed with a friend, but not sure how to let them know? Do yourself (and them) a favor and keep quiet about your frustrations. Just start spending more time with other people and either they will get the message or they'll initiate a conversation about why things have changed. Then and only then will they be ready to hear the truth you have to tell -- without going into any great emotional upheaval. Not everyone is ready to hear the cold, hard truth about their behavior.

Your monthly horoscope hints at a period of confusions and uncertainties. Doubts will keep you occupied now, but you should proceed courageously. Overconfidence, haste, or impulsive approach needs to be avoided. Get an understanding of the complete situation before taking a decision and don’t jump to conclusions blindly. Your sources of income seem to rise now. Any pending work will be cleared this month. You may purchase a vehicle or land. Investing in these areas will bring positive results in the future. If you are involved in an ongoing lawsuit, some relief is likely. A govt. related matter is likely to be cleared. Don’t be hasty about traveling abroad for work, as it may not fetch you the desired gain. Around mid-month, you may have to spend on a govt. related work, which may eventually benefit you. Undetectable expenses may continue to cause confusion. Take any major decisions around the end of the month. Keep your aggression under control, as it may affect your professional position. Your professional prospects demand hard work this month. Work related stress is likely to prevail. Results will reflect the efforts you put in. Some irritation might prevail on the work front. Avoid aggression, as it will only bring tension. Try to complete all projects within the designated period if you wish to capitalize on the gains. Misunderstandings with employees can result in clashes. You may step in a new work with a company from abroad. If in a job, you may plan a job change now, since the period is favorable for a new job. You may get the desired salary. Chances of being recalled for an old job are there. If working with your existing company, this period will bring a refreshing new outlook for you. Coworkers will be supportive and helpful. If awaiting a promotion, it may take some time. Financially, this month looks positive and progressive. Hefty profits and gains are depicted. Expected salary is likely, though expenses may rise now. Some unwanted expenses can further confuse you. Avoid spending to impress others. Repayment of an old loan will bring relief for you. You may apply for a new loan, if you need it. Avoid investing in share market. Remain alert while lending money. You may have to travel for money related matters, however, avoid long journeys. Short trips will benefit you in improving your financial stability. Parents will be supportive financially. Relation with your lover may suffer to some extent. Be very careful and diplomatic; as chances are your relation may very well be on the verge of a breakup. Improvements are likely around second half of the month; till then, keep a humble approach. It would be better to maintain a safe distance from your lover till then, if possible. If married, then you may face some gaps in your marital life. A relative might become a cause of stress in your relation. Help your partner with their work to boost harmony. Health of your partner may be affected, which might create an uncomfortable atmosphere on the domestic front. Atmosphere on your family front will mostly be comfortable. Parties and celebrations are on the horizon. With a guest showing up at your doorstep, positivity and happiness will fill the air in the family. Relation with siblings seems to improve. Stress is possible due to a prolonged illness. Stomach related problems will slow your pace. Drive carefully & be watchful when around fire. Students might remain irate this month. They may become aggressive, leading to clashes with friends as well. Mental stress might deter your academic performance. If planning to appear for competitions, apply timely to avoid delays. A govt. educational institute might support you. If awaiting a result, it will be as per your expectations. Your children are likely to get admission in school or college of their choice. Performance in exams will be good. Prizes or accomplishments at school are quite possible. If your kids are interested in sports, then support and motivate them.

This is a major growing year and much of what you reap in the way of rewards comes from efforts made in the past. Partnerships and relationships of all kinds are highlighted and bring both stability and issues to work through. It takes conscious awareness of your inner strength and motives but applying this to your actions promises a rewarding and extremely powerful year. There would be much fun, laughter and happiness in life like never this period. You would have much inner peace; a sense of freedom prevails around you. Planets would help you to lead a life of low-profile now. It would also bring about radical changes in your life, from which there would be no returning back. Unexpected events are forecast for the year ahead. Face it in style. Your personal creativity and your sense of self are accepted and approved of by those in authority over you, that your life urges are being supported by the powers that be, that you can be who you are and still achieve career success. You’re most important areas of interest are finance, home and family, children, creativity, personal pleasure and love affairs, religion, philosophy, higher education, friendships, organizations and group activities and spirituality. The wheels of the universe are turning in your favor. People would be able to venture far ahead in their professional life this year. This would be a good time to put your ideas to paper, and start new ventures that seem off-hook. Dare to dream big and do not be deceived by those around. Reveal your true inner self and committed nature to your peers and authorities. In this way, you would be able to connect with them in a more sensible way. Do not complain; instead use the limited resources to climb up the corporate ladder. Career part is going to be normal, average this year. You will not be having many things to worry about. You will not be doing many great things. You may develop disliking for your current job and may start looking for another one. Change of work stream is also a possibility. You will be having more negative trends than positive ones in your career. You will become known person in your circle but most of you will be known for your arrogant attitude and not for cooperative one. Be consistent with your performance that the year-end would bless you with promotions and pay-hikes. There is amazing growth possible in finances area of your life but it requires your dedication to doing everything you can to shake down what is insecure and no longer viable and to replace it with new courses of action and game plans. During the start of the year, take some financial resolutions and stick to them all through the period, this would help you to stem the tide of financial degradation. Keep your purses tight and stay away from impulsive spending for the year. There would not be many troubles, however you are encouraged to save and avoid over-spending for family and friends. You may face problems in sale of immovable property. Disputes related to property matters may keep you tensed. Keep your financial priorities straight and adhere to the policies you made earlier. A healthy financial period is forecast for most of you if you keep your money under strict environment. The first half of the year would be a good time to make investments. There would be stark contrasts in the love life during year 2018. Stay away from impulsive acts as this might move you far away from your partner. Be elastic and try to accommodate his or her feelings. This year there would be much warmth in your love life. The single ones would have a positive development to meet and settle down with ideal partners for life. Solitude might kill some of you secretive this year. Hence it is best to hang out with a compatible partner for the period. Married life is not going to be very great. There will be minor to major clashes. The issue is mostly going to be money and another person. You may decide to separate or legally divorce too in this year. You may also have to take help from police authorities. Try to strengthen the bonds with partner, resulting in more intimate relationships and conjugal bliss for the committed ones. Adverse atmosphere at home and workplace may keep you tensed affecting your health. You may remain tiresome and aggressive. Keep also check on your blood pressure. Period from mid- half of the year may bring some relief making you more active and confident. Do preserve your internal energy resources for periods of low immunity levels. Take occasional times off from work to soother your inner nerves. But then natives are advised not to stay idle but to pursue some recreational endeavors as an empty mind would be a devil's workshop. Health of children seems status quo but they need to be more careful of how they experiment with their bodies. They have an urge to test their physical limits, they must be sure that these experiments are constructive and not destructive. More rest and relax are advisable to you during this period. Family life may remain disturbed due to your aggressive approach. Unnecessary quarrels with the relatives may keep you tensed.  Elders of the family may not be happy with you and differences may surface with them. Domestic peace may reduce which may be the cause of deterioration of your health.  Unwanted persons may be the cause of worries. You need to be careful while dealing with family members as undesirable circumstances may bring loss of respect in family and social circle.  Situations may force you to live separately from your family. You may be inclined to visit long distances to know the game of destiny.  It will be better to have a cool head this year.