Some friends or coworkers are going to be in a bickering mood today, but keeping the peace is not your job -- so do not take it on. If you decide to be compassionate and try to make everyone stop fighting, they might turn on you! Resist your urge to step in and make these people come to an agreement. This is something you are not a part of, so stay out of it. Let them work their problems out on their own. For all you know, this could be the way they enjoy communicating with each other!

The past few days may have been dragging along too slowly for you, and the slower pace is sure to continue today. Try not to get frustrated, though. Time might feel like it's moving slowly, but rest assured: Things are still happening and you are still making headway on your goals! Patience is all you need to regain a more mellow, happy vibe. What you are waiting for will come -- you just need to relax and have faith in the people who are making it happen.

The month looks auspicious for you, with destiny mostly by your side. An old pending work will be cleared. The monthly horoscope indicates that a withheld payment may suddenly reach you unexpectedly. Some confusion may prevail at work and you may have to struggle to an extent. You will be zealous and courageous now, which will allow easy resolution to any problems. You will efficiently fulfill all your responsibilities. Mental stress might trouble you. A house related matter might result in tension. Some relief is expected in issues related to parental property. Family will help you in overcoming the strenuous conditions this month. Finances will improve now with support from your life partner. Irritations and frustrations can spoil your relations with your lover. Bonding with parents may suffer to an extent. Foreign trips may face delays and might end up being fruitless, resulting only in wasteful expenses. Avoid trusting anyone blindly. New contacts will bring new opportunities. The period brings blended results for your profession. Despite some confusion, new projects will come your way and bring financial profits. Success will come through diligent efforts and you need to carefully avoid a lazy approach. Minor work related delays are likely, but may not hinder important projects or your overall growth. Your connections abroad will expand. Guidance from your seniors will help you in new work or projects. Around mid-month, a work related loss is indicated and you should remain careful towards it. If in a job, this period marks improvements and growth. If working for the govt., then a promotion is likely. Hasty actions should be avoided. A new job proposal is likely and may prove beneficial if you accept it. Any issues with your boss and seniors will be resolved and relations will mostly be pleasant. Financially, the period looks stable. However, expenses may remain on a rise. Your luxuries and pleasures will demand funds. You may plan an expensive purchase this month. Spending on house or vehicle is depicted, which might result in stress. Land related investments should be avoided. Income and profits will improve, however, delays and hiccups are likely. All transactions should be made very carefully. Matters related to loan will see favorable results only after mid-month. Money lent earlier may come back to you. Your relation with your partner will mostly be cordial. Taking long journeys together will further bring you closer. Around mid-month, you may decide to take your relation to the next step and may plan for a love marriage. Minor issues, if any, will be easily sorted. This period is favorable if you wish to propose to the love of your life. A positive response is quite possible. If married, then your marital life will be peaceful. Your partner may even support you financially. Take care of your partner’s health. Strictly avoid entering an extramarital affair. Family front looks peaceful now. Mental serenity will prevail and family will support. A celebration or party is depicted on the domestic front. Maintain cordial relations with everyone. Parents will be supportive and pivotal in your success. Misunderstandings with younger siblings will be sorted now. Headaches may result in a stressful environment. Plan a trip for relief, though remain careful towards dust or breathing problems. Joint aches may trouble you. The month seems mostly favorable for students. Utilize this time and avoid wastage of time on social media or in luxuries. The desired results will only come at the hands of your hard work and diligent efforts. You may get admission in a reputed college. Your children will be interested in traveling this month. Guide them with care and affection. Their confidence and energy levels look good. They will be rewarded for their efforts this month.

This remains another building year for you where your applied efforts bring solid and visible effects into your life. The further along into the year you get the more you can look behind and see precisely how much has been built and is now solidly in place within your life. Make good use of this period by watching for and jumping when opportunities roll your way. The universe is still encouraging going with the flow, especially in the area of work and career and don’t be so set in your ways and intents that something golden and rewarding passes by simply because you refuse to budge. Certain aspects of your life call you to step back in life, a wait and watch attitude would be best advised. Your sensitivity would be the forte for this year and gets you much closer to those around. However make sure that you do not burn fences. You will narrow your intellectual interests and delve deeper into fewer subjects. Learning will be slower but more thorough. Students will have to work harder at their studies but the hard work will pay off in the end. It is a time for disciplining your mind bringing order to your thoughts, speech and logical process. Your mind is an amazing instrument but it needs tempering in coming days. Your most important areas of interest this year are intellectual interests and communication, career, friendships, group activities, science and astrology, sex, personal transformation and reformation, the deeper things of life, helping others prosper, debt and repayment of debt, children, fun, leisure activities, creativity and love affairs. This year may not be considered to give favorable results most of the time for the professional life. You may find everything normal in the beginning but soon adverse atmosphere may make you worried. Your hot temperament and non-cooperative attitude of colleagues at workplace will make the situation more aggressive. Opponents will try their level best to create obstructions. Some of you may be forced to quit the job. You need to control the situation by your own efforts, wit and hard work. There may be transfer at your workplace or you may be thinking of changing the job. You are advised to refrain from entering into any teamwork or co-operative deals. The following years would yield fruits if you put in all your might this year. Around the year-end tangible results are to be expected in the career front. Businessmen may also find problem in growth of their business. Heavy investment for expansion of business should generally be avoided. Some favorable results can be expected during the last months. The results of business may be usual. Opponents will be active. Friendships and networking are unusually important in advancing your career these days. This has been a trend for many years and is now even stronger. You may meet important friends, people of high status, people who can and want to advance your business. You have a knack for knowing the right people and this would be a big help to you. For the year spending would be more like never before. There would be a steady inflow of funds, however the outflow would be matching the same, leaving you with nothing to save. Some unavoidable expenses call on you un-informed and break your budget plans. But then make sure that you do not succumb to outside pressure in terms of your financial spending. The middle part of the year might bring in a large chunk of money flow. Plan your finances then and get rid off of all bad loans and debits. Make smart moves to reduce unwanted expenses in life. Some people would be able to make high-value purchases like a house, a landed property or a luxury vehicle around the year-end. Medical bills may also rise.  These are times when your financial judgment can be confused or not up to par. For married people beginning of the year may bring some undesirable circumstances causing confusion in the relations with the spouse. There may be fights and hot arguments. You should take care of the situation and avoid such circumstances that may even cause separation. For some of you love would be the top priority in life while for some it would be a total waste of time and energy. Your sensitivity keeps your relationships alive and kicking. The middle of the year might bring prospective partners in your life. Let go off of your past guilt and sins and have a sight on tomorrow. For those already in a relationship, this is a period when your ties would be strengthened to withstand the test of time and fate. This year you would feel a strong urge to please your partner more than ever. Go on and indulge. The planets of love are in your favor and harmony would prevail in your love area this year. Those working towards a second marriage have good opportunities this year. They should look close to home. Those working towards a third marriage have an exciting social life but marriage is not likely nor is it advisable. Health may be an issue right from the start of the year.  Digestive system, urinary problems or diseases related to the lower part of the body should be taken care of. You need to take care of the health of spouse too. Higher expenditure may keep you annoyed causing unrest and insomnia. Keep your emotions under check and see your health rebound. Relax and rejuvenate your spirits occasionally. Your mental side also needs constant harnessing that some spiritual pursuits can be taken up for the better. Let your confidence levels soar, and remove the stress and strain from your life. Do not carry trifles to your heart and tackle life's chores with a sense of resilience. Overall paying more attention can enhance good health. General family life will be towards mixed happenings. The interpersonal relationship will see turmoil off and on between the family members and near dear relatives. There would be much tension involved around you, that you need to make a positive move to keep things go smoothly. A tactful and diplomatic approach is called for in this time of test. Do make sure that your personal limits are left untouched. Your good intentions towards family would bring about a sense of trust and happiness all through the year. Friend circle may not be supportive. Relations with children seem good in the year ahead. There is much happiness and satisfaction from them. You are enjoying them more. Even those of you who have no children of your own will have a greater interest in them this year and find that you get on with them better.