Moving among many different social groups will give you a big boost right now. You'll be energized by others, especially those who have done things you've always wanted to do or been to places you've always wanted to visit. And conversely, these folks you're so intrigued by will find your company very desirable as well. So make the most of the social possibilities all around you and try to get as much as possible out of them, without overextending or exhausting yourself.

Try to get out there and be more social with people today. Not only are your social skills better than ever, but there are tons of people who miss you and would love to spend some time with you. You might prefer to hang out at home with a good movie right about now, but that isn't a wise thing to do when your popularity is about to explode into overdrive. Push yourself to be more outgoing and friendly -- just give that party or dinner an hour of your time. A little is better than nothing.

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