If your feet are not planted firmly on the ground today, you are in grave danger of getting swept away in someone else's dreams! It's one thing to be supportive of what your friends want out of life, but it's quite another to do all the work for them -- or to go off your own path in order to help them get farther down theirs. So today, make sure you act with your own benefits in mind -- you should be your top priority right now. Being a little selfish right now is totally okay.

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This month seems to be positive on all fronts. You shall relentlessly work for your self-improvement and may be able to attract people magnetically towards you. Your clean heart shall create a long-lasting impression in people’s minds. Avoid becoming too intimate with a close one as it can be a hurtful experience. Chances of deceit are also there. You need to practice self-control and discipline to accomplish your preset goals. A govt. related work that was earlier facing hindrances will be sorted this month & will fetch you name & reputation that you deserve. Your daring nature can help you face situations effectively. You would become confident and gain good reputation amongst your friends. All your endeavors shall produce desired results and you shall receive benefits from everybody. Fruitless trips & journeys will add to your expenses as well as stress, which can make you irate & frustrated. Your health condition would to be supportive this month. Your job responsibilities may increase based on your performance. Make sure to deliver on time in order to improve your financial situation & enhance work prospects. Think positively while attending works and do not lose your confidence. Do your best, and utilize the opportunities, which come to you for action. Offers from abroad are quite likely for you.  If you work in a partnership, take all decisions by keeping your partner in the loop; otherwise an old deal may turn sour & cause much loss. If you work with your father or a fatherly figure, then chances are that you may spoil your relations due to clashes. You need to remain careful and become more far-sighted in financial matters, which may otherwise lead to debts.  Financial stability will improve, yet post mid-July, frequent exchange of funds can cause some trouble. Stay away from making investments for now. Completely avoid taking any loan this month, as matters will be delayed & all you will be left with is tension. Lovebirds, you may not observe a pleasant period, as chances of quarrels are high. Your special attention towards your partner’s emotions shall strengthen your understanding. Your dedication shall have a positive impression on your partner. Your spouse is likely to receive a promotion this month, which will lead to celebrations. Confessing your love to someone at the beginning of the month may not be a very good idea, as the response might be delayed. Family front looks peaceful this month. However, your peace of mind may remain affected. Your health might be affected by a prolonged illness. Issues with legs & waist may further hamper your condition. Take care of your wellbeing & avoid stressing too much over petty matters. Your strict diet shall help you to stay active and healthy this month. Consume seasonal fruits for physical energy and activeness. Practice regular exercise and meditation to retain your energy levels. For students, the period looks a little unsettling. Your concentration levels appear to be low, confusion may cloud your mind & your memory power may suffer.  Possibilities of getting admission in a good college are on the cards, but will only be finalized by the level of hard work you are willing to put in. You may come across the chance to work along with your studies.

Life wouldn't be so much fun without a challenge wouldn't you agree. The year is full of them, but it is also full of joy, laughter, and advancement in many areas, as well as many challenges. You are not usually one to be scattering-brained, but this year could see you dealing with some internal conflict. Health and relationship issues often revolve around issues that are essentially psychological, and you will have to come to resolves within yourself in order that your physical situation becomes better. If you keep this in mind then you will have more success dealing with obstacles. The year is a big year for learning for you. You may seek education at times when you do not feel that life is offering you enough. This year you may feel more inclined to start a new relationship. It can be friendly or romantic. This strange urge might feel odd, but it is caused in part by your boost of energy. Young couples may stumble over their words as they try to impress those whom they like. People who are currently in a relationship can expect to see things get more intense and serious. Things in your relationships may seem different in general. Whether it’s for better or worse all depends on how you make the change. It might even be a pregnancy that changes the nature of your relationship. Friendships may also become deeper at this time, and if you are not currently in a relationship then it is not unlikely for you to start dating a friend. As far as your finance and career is concerned you have to work hard this year, as your finances are bound to become more important to you. You have to work hard to get the money that you need to pay for what’s important in life. If you are currently in school then you may want to think about focusing on your studies more or getting a part-time job if you do not have one already. You have always been known as being a hardworking group of people. There is no stopping them when they have a goal to work on. Your work life might change. You are likely to be busy in the beginning of the year, with things cooling down near the end. The year can be stressful. You need to take a break. It will surely give you the energy that you need to get through a busy day at work and a night with your kids or friends. You will be able to act quickly if you need to and you will have the energy to take some time to think as well if you need to. Make sure to eat well during this time to keep your energy levels up. Also, try to be kind to others and share your good vibes. Trying out a few therapies like learning yoga can be beneficial. This will be a busy year with the right balance of fun and work.