Relationship Analysis

One aspect that bothers most of the people across the globe is relationship. Love, trust, compatibility and marriage are predominantly present in people’s mind. Our team at AstroBuddy can prepare a detailed astrological report on your compatibility with your partner which can indicate the quality of your relationship. Our team analyzes the birth charts of both the partners based on which we share our view on compatibility between the two.

Health Report

In case of any concerns with regards to your health , our team at AstroBuddy can prepare a detailed health report based on your birth chart. Our analysis can help you to maintain a stress free healthy life and can also indicate health issues one is likely to face in the future and proper ways to cope with them.

Year Ahead

This report indicates the possibility of things unfurling in the next 12 months across all aspects of their lives – based on their birth chart. The report indicates favorable phases as well as sensitive time frames which may prove to be challenging with regards to health, finances, family or career.

Profession Report

In this era of cut throat competition, it is quite natural that people are concerned about their career prospects. Our team at AstroBuddy prepares a detailed report on your professional life and career. This report would help you to understand your career graph . It would indicate your strengths and weaknesses based on which you can plan your present and future course of action for maximum output. The report also indicates domains where you can exploit your talent and strengths to the maximum. The report also indicates the likely pattern of the operating sub-periods in the near future and their indications on your career.

Finances Report

If you are in an entrepreneur or in a job , our team at AstroBuddy can prepare a detailed financial report for you based on your birth chart. This report can reflect and indicate the possibilities of inheritance, sudden gains & speculative businesses etc. We can assess the possibilities and potential of your financial growth or challenges if any. This report is an excellent tool for long term financial planning.